Nail Art Through the Years.

I have been doing nail art for approximately three years now. Throughout the past year on this blog I have been sharing multiple nail designs weekly (until more recently anyway). However, there have been some nail art designs I’ve created that I’ve struggled to fit into a category, or I’ve just struggled to post a photo of because they look so bad. So, for today’s post I have decided to reveal these nail designs to you, year by year, and hopefully as the post goes on we’ll see some improvement.




Due to the fact I started uploading photos of my nails to my blog in 2015 there are fewer designs you haven’t seen which is why there are only four above and you can clearly see that 2014 is the year where I really got into nail art and created plenty of random designs.

I find it weird now looking back on how my nails were at the beginning of my nail journey; they were so short. In fact, nail art is how I stopped myself from that terrible habit of nail biting and it has worked so well. My logic was, if my nails look pretty I won’t want to bite them as I won’t want to ruin them. It wasn’t effective immediately, but as my passion for nails grew, so did the length of my nails as I needed more space to paint on!

I hope you enjoyed this post and looking at how my ability has hopefully progressed over the last few years. I’m thinking of re-doing a few of my old designs at some point so that I can improve the overall design and re-use some designs I used to love wearing.

Do you have any favourite designs above?

If you haven’t seen my more recent (and arguably some better) nail art designs, you can view them all in my Nail Art Gallery here.


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