Lipstick Love: Work Edition.

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Lipstick Love is a feature on this blog in which I share with you all my love of lipstick by showing you my favourites. Technically, these aren’t all lipsticks, some may be lip glosses, for example, but they will all be lip products which I love. This was a fortnightly series back in January and February, so if you missed my previous posts they can all be found here.

I work in an office and I start work at 6 am, so nude lipsticks are a must. I mean, it would look a bit alarming and over the top to walk into the office at that time in the morning with a bright lipstick, right? On the other hand, I don’t want my lips to be bare! When I started this job I quickly learnt that not just any nude lipstick will do either, it needs to be moisturising because the air is quite dry. So, here are my top five favourite lipsticks to wear to work:

Lipstick Love Work Edition tubes.jpg

Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Nude Pop:

It is likely you’ve head of these lipsticks already; the shade Melon Pop is most well known and loved in the blogging world. I wasn’t certain this shade would suit me, but I was desperate to try out the collection, so instead I opted for the shade Nude Pop.

Nude Pop is a brilliant no fuss everyday lipstick for me. This is a pinky- nude and is a close match to my natural lip colour (swatches at the end of the post) which means that I can apply it really quickly and easily without a mirror when I’m in a hurry to leave the house (or if I’m really running late, I can apply it on the bus successfully). One of the reasons these lipsticks are loved is because not only do they have a stunning shade range, but the formula is moisturising. These lipsticks are not drying at all and leave your lips soft; sometimes I even use Nude Pop to replace a lip balm.

MAC Modesty:

What’s a lipstick post without some MAC? My favourite nude MAC lipstick to wear to work is Modesty, a cremesheen lipstick. The advantage of a cremesheen lipstick is that they feel so lovely on the lipsticks – and smell lovely with MAC‘s signature vanilla scent – and are moisturising. I find that these aren’t the most long lasting lipsticks; however, because it’s a nude it fades nicely throughout the day.

In terms of colour, Modesty is a nude with a pink undertone. It is a perfect your lips but better shade and ideal for every day wear. As a result, it’s no wonder I love wearing this shade to work.

Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick in Super Nude:

My first Soap and Glory lipstick and one of my most recent additions to my makeup collection. This lipstick really impressed me. It’s a matte, but it’s also really creamy. If you want to wear a matte lipstick to work, or anywhere, this is my new favourite because it’s not at all drying and has good staying power. Previously, I wore MAC Velvet Teddy to work and I do still adore it, but not for work. Despite Velvet Teddy being one of the more creamier matte formulas by MAC, it still really dried my lips in the office.

This shade is a bit more different to the others I’ve selected as my favourites. Instead of it leaning on the the more pink side of neutral, Super Nude has more of an orange undertone, plus it is the only matte here. Out of the three lipsticks I’ve gone through so far, Super Nude is the most different to Nude Pop, while Modesty nicely sits between the two.

MAC Fanfare:

Fanfare is another cremesheen finish and was in fact my very first cremesheen lipstick by MAC. It is also possibly one of my favourites of all my MAC lipsticks. Fanfare is a pink lipstick with a coral undertone; it’s perfect for the summer months and for everyday. This lipstick is very similar to Nude Pop, only Fanfare is brighter and warmer. Due to this lipstick being a little more vibrant, I don’t reach for it as much as the others anymore, but it is a firm favourite if I fancy adding a little more colour to my appearance and I love it for general everyday use too.

Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Poppy Pop:

Since I have already spoken about this range I won’t write as much this time, or I’ll just be repeating myself. After loving Nude Pop, I wanted another from this collection, but I wanted something brighter. This is a very bright red/coral lipstick; it’s warm toned, moisturising and very pigmented. If you’ve already scrolled down to look at the swatches you’re probably wondering why I would wear something so bright to work, but don’t fret.

Instead of applying it like I usually would apply a lipstick, I dab it onto my lips so that I get a more sheer wash of colour. Saying that, this lipstick is so pigmented that it still looks rather bright (for 6 am anyway) so I then go over the top with Nude Pop to tune the colour down. I love this combination as I get a little colour from Poppy Pop and since I’m wearing a proper layer of Nude Pop over it I still get all the moisturising effects from the lipsticks.

So, how do these lipsticks sound? Are you ready to see them yet if you haven’t scrolled down already?

Lipstick Love Work Edition swatches.jpg

T-B: Nude Pop, Modesty, Super Nude, Fanfare, Poppy Pop.

Which lipstick is your favourite?

I’d also love to hear about the lipsticks you choose to wear to work; I’m always eager to find more!

Don’t forget you can check out all of my previous Lipstick Love posts here.


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10 thoughts on “Lipstick Love: Work Edition.

  1. Chanelle says:

    These shades all look perfect for work I can see why you like them so much! I worked in a pharmacy before I lost my job last month and I loved wearing all sorts of colours to work, brights, nudes, reds, you name it 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

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