My Bucket List | Tag.

The lovely Juliet has tagged me to do this Bucket List tag and considering how much I love my lists, I couldn’t resist. Also, it’s been a while since I’ve even thought about my bucket list, so this was a good reminder. So, thank you Juliet for tagging me and you can check out Juliet’s blog and her bucket list here.


Write the rules in your post
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Write ten things that you wish to do in the future
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I did publish a bucket list on my blog last year, so I’ve set myself the extra challenge this time of including things which are not listed in that post (which you can view here).

My Bucket List:

  1. Be fluent in a second language. If I could speak only one other language I am unsure as to which I’d prefer, probably Spanish or Italian. Spanish because it’s the language I have the most knowledge on after English since studying it at GCSE, but there’s also the allure of Italian considering how much I love Italy.
  2. Write a book. I know Juliet used this one, but when people with a similar interest of books follow each other you are going to find some overlapping points, hehe!
  3. Go on a road trip in America. See different states, sight see etc.
  4. Travel to a different country on my own. Lately, the thought of solo-travel has been more and more appealing to me, although it is still as terrifying a thought as it initially was!
  5. Archery. I have done archery once before, I think I was ten or eleven. I can’t remember if I was any good, but I do remember liking it and I’ve always loved it watching it in movies and such.
  6. Study astronomy and maybe some astrology too. I love learning about stars and planets and so on, I always have done, so I’d love to learn more. I don’t necessarily care about getting a qualification in the subject; I just want to know stuff.
  7. Get over my fear of spiders.
  8. Go back to Disneyland Paris again and again and again. I’d really love to stay in all the hotels and work my way up to the main one, the Disneyland Hotel. So far I’ve stayed in 2/6, excluding the ranch.
  9. Donate blood; but maybe try and get through having a blood test without almost fainting first, haha.
  10. Live abroad. I don’t know where and for how long, but I think it’d be a great experience. Probably something to do after or while learning another language though, unless I go somewhere that speaks English.

I tag:

I hope you enjoyed seeing my list of things I’d like to do and achieve, I’d love to hear about some items from your bucket lists in the comments; I’m always looking for inspiration!


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