Review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer.

“Cyborg:  a person whose physiological functioning is aided by or dependent upon a mechanical or electronic device.

cinderI am rather late in joining the hype around this book, Cinder by Marissa Meyer, but better late than never, right? As you can already safely assume, I really enjoyed this book and as soon as I finish writing this review I will be off to buy the sequel.

For those who haven’t read Cinder (yet), the book is set in the future in a world of humans and cyborgs and androids. I went into this book with very little background information. Of course, I was aware of its link with Cinderella and I had heard about the robotic theme, but I didn’t want to know anything else. Already knowing about the mechanical aspect of this book had made me unsure about it; it’s not something I’d usually go for, but the Cinderella side kept me intrigued.

The title of this book is also the name of the main character. Cinder is a cyborg. She’s also a mechanic and a very good one. I absolutely loved her character throughout the novel. I also loved so many of the other characters Meyer created including Iko, Kai and Peony.

I really enjoyed the royals in this book (the human ones anyway). Usually in fantasy series they can be depicted as evil, or they single out one of them to be evil and it’s often the one with most control. I loved the fact that Kai’s father, the Emperor, and Kai himself really, weren’t made villains and truly  wanted what was best for their country and their people who adore them. Of course, on the other hand we do have the Evil Queen A.K.A. Queen Levana, but that doesn’t bother me because we still have the good and just leaders.

I am a sucker for beautiful fonts and layouts within a book. I loved the font used in the titles  of the chapters. Of course, if it didn’t have this it wouldn’t lessen my opinion on the book, I just find it visually appealing. Also, I liked that within the book it was split into smaller sections, or books, every ten chapters. Any longtime followers of this blog will be aware of my love of quotes and I definitely liked the inclusion of Cinderella lines at the beginning of each of these books.

My only flaw with this book is the predictability. Some parts did shock me a little, but others were incredibly obvious from the very beginning.

Overall, this book really impressed me as considering all the rave reviews I was worried  wouldn’t like it, but I really do. This book has fantasy, sci-fi, action and some romance and I definitely recommend it if you haven’t yet read this book. I rate it 5/5.

Have you read Cinder? What were your thoughts?


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