Review: Cinder by Marissa Meyer.

“Cyborg:  a person whose physiological functioning is aided by or dependent upon a mechanical or electronic device.

cinderI am rather late in joining the hype around this book, Cinder by Marissa Meyer, but better late than never, right? As you can already safely assume, I really enjoyed this book and as soon as I finish writing this review I will be off to buy the sequel.

For those who haven’t read Cinder (yet), the book is set in the future in a world of humans and cyborgs and androids. I went into this book with very little background information. Of course, I was aware of its link with Cinderella and I had heard about the robotic theme, but I didn’t want to know anything else. Already knowing about the mechanical aspect of this book had made me unsure about it; it’s not something I’d usually go for, but the Cinderella side kept me intrigued.

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