Review: The Heir of Tara by Shannon Carter.

the heir of taraThe author kindly sent me a copy of her book, The Heir of Tara, to review, so here are my honest thoughts and opinions surrounding this book.

The Heir of Tara is the first in a fantasy series. Evie, our protagonist, is just about to start college in Salem and it really isn’t long until she is thrust into this new world where people are after her, where people have special abilities and where people aren’t regular human beings. A life Evie never knew about is quickly being unravelled along with truths about her family and herself.

This book really impressed me. I got really sucked into the whole new world and I loved all of the characters, if not Carter’s characterisation. I was going to start listing the characters I love, but I quickly realised it was basically all of the Bennians.

I always love books where characters have powerful abilities. I find it so interesting and exciting to read about and I love seeing how characters use their powers in different ways both within a book (or series) and across a range of fantasy books whose characters may share certain powers. It’s just really interesting to see what different authors do with different powers.

Another thing that varies a lot within fantasy books is magical creatures. I absolutely adored Elessa and Corin and while I’m sure many of us know the basics of being either fae or a sprite, it’s still nice to see some clarification in a book. The fae especially are so much written about in literature, but they’re not the same in all novels and everyone has a different idea of them. As a result I would have liked to see a little more description on these creatures, especially when there was so make explanation in regards to the Maithians in contrast.

On the topic of Maithians, I really enjoyed hearing all about them. Their history was intriguing as were their powers.There was some info-dumping near the beginning, so I had to flick back a couple of times as I couldn’t retain all of the information at once, but it wasn’t so complex that it didn’t go in easily either, so it does all make sense and is understandable.

I am definitely interested in reading the sequel, in fact, in the back of this book there is a sneak peek at book two. I haven’t read that yet because I wanted to get all my thoughts down on book one first, but I will definitely be off to read it shortly.

Overall, this was a great read and I would recommend it to fans of fantasy. If you enjoy magic and powers (like in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children) you will enjoy this. Also, it has lots of lovely references to other books e.g. Harry Potter. I rate this 4/5.


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