Greek/Egyptian Inspired Nails.

I have really fallen in love with gel nails and getting my nails done lately. In case you missed it, I had my nails done four weeks ago too and walked away with some stunning Disney related nails.

This week I went in with a Greek inspired design in mind using the colours white and gold as they feel very summery (although the weather seems to object).

Now I did say Greek, but my friend’s first thought when I showed her the nails was Egyptian, so I decided to include both in the title.

I went for a french manicure design with a stripe of gold glitter on almost all the nails. Then, using a gold sharpie, my nail technician drew on the pattern on the nail of the ring finger.

Gel glitter is so pretty and sparkly that I cannot resist having a little bit whenever I’m having my nails done and I feel it really adds something to the design.

I hope you like this design, sorry I haven’t been posting my own creations lately; I was feeling uninspired and then I really started to get the appeal of having them done professionally. 

I don’t know when I’ll next post designs done by my own hand, but in the meantime there are plenty in my Nail Art Gallery which can be found in the Nails section on my navigation bar (below my blog header).

What do you think if these nails?

Do these nails look more Greek or Egyptian to you?


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