LUSH Haul.

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If you were watching my Snapchat (driftinglexi) earlier this afternoon you will have seen that I took a trip to LUSH after work and picked up a load of products. This is definitely the most I have personally bought in one shopping trip to LUSH, but it is by no means that large compared to other LUSH hauls I have seen.

First off I will say that there won’t be many photos of the actually products within the packaging in this post. I like to keep my bath bombs and bubble bars in their bags until I get around to using them as it just keeps them together and protected, plus I like them having the labels on them, despite the fact that I do know what they all are, haha.

Secondly, all of these products are new to me. There isn’t a single product in this haul that I have used before, therefore making it even more exciting. While there will not be loads of images in this post, if you add me on Snapchat there will certainly be photos and videos of these bath products as and when I use them.

Now, onto the haul! Let’s start with bubble bars:


IMG_0276Technically this is a bubbleroon, but what’s the difference really except for the way it looks?

Double double bath and bubble. Break this dual-layered bar under running water. Bergamot, lime and juniperberry are blended with coconut oil and Fair Trae shea butter for fruity refreshment.

My favourite coloured baths are blue, green and purple. Unsurprisingly, Green is the colour green, so I’m expecting a green bath out of this one! After enjoying the Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon I expect this to be rather similar, expect for it’s fresh, grass-like scent.


As I’ve already said, I love purple baths, so I already very much look forward to using this bubble bar; I also love it’s unique pyramid shape.

If you watched my Snapchat story you will also know that when I got home I noticed the lady hadn’t added this product onto the receipt, but no complaints here, free bubble bar!

Zesty lemongrass, orange and patchouli deliver all kinds of good karma to your bathroom. Crumble this bar under running water to envelop yourself in a purple haze, heady scents and good vibes.

Milky bath:

IMG_0281I haven’t really heard a lot about this particular bubble bar, so I as intrigued. I really love products which feel soft and moisturise your skin and the name hints at this, so I definitely thought it was worth a try, even if it doesn’t look as exciting as the others with its white colour.

Don’t cry over spilled milk – bathe in it! This comforting little milk bottle bubble bath is filled with uplifting orange oil and skimmed milk to treat your skin to a dose of happiness. A cocoa butter lid adds extra softness. 

Next are the bath bombs…

Honey Bee:

IMG_0282I’m not usually a fan of honey, but I couldn’t resist a honey bath bomb and come on, it just sounds so summery. Plus, the woman in store did say it was her favourite and I had never tried it before.

Hmm, I wonder what this smells of…? No description necessary here.


IMG_0283Well, I have just been to Disneyland Paris, so it’s no wonder I’m feeling a bit nostalgic.

If you didn’t know, at the beginning of the month I also held a Disney Week on my blog full of Disney related blog posts. You can also find photos and videos from my holiday here.

Do you want to have bath bomb? Do you want to splash and play? Take this magical blend of uplifting grapefruit and Tunisian neroli into the bath with you to thaw the iciest of moods.


I love bath bombs which make my skin feel amazing and soft, so I couldn’t resist trying out Butterball since it is known for making your skin feel great and moisturised.

I expect this to be a little similar to Blackberry and Avobath, plain baths with lovely moisturising properties. However, I don’t expect this bath to go purple or green like the other two bath bombs!

The final product I bought in LUSH isn’t a bath bomb, or a bubble bar…

Lemony Flutter, Cuticle Butter:

Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Knees and toes. And don’t forget the cuticles. A super-thick lemony cream choc full of rick ingredients to help you get to grips with dry bits.

You guys know how much I love nails, but you have to take care of them, otherwise they dry out and break easily. As a result I decided that it was time I purchased a new cuticle cream and I am very excited to use it. I did try this out once in store and I loved it and I kept meaning to go back and buy it and I finally have done! The product smells amazing, like lemons, and in the pot it looks so smooth and perfect that I almost don’t want to ruin the surface. Almost.

That is everything I bought from LUSH today. Have you bought anything from there recently? I’m nosy and would love to hear what you’ve been buying!

Have you used any of these products? Did you like them?

Don’t forget to add me on Snapchat (driftinglexi) for snaps of LUSH baths, mini hauls and to stay up to date easily.


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