Disney Haul.

Disney Haul.jpg

Welcome to Day Six of Disney Week!

Unfortunately, I am now home from Disneyland Paris, but that doesn’t mean the magic is over. I have bought quite a few items, though I did somehow resist the temptation to buy more! I am quite tight with money, so I did only buy things I knew I would use and enjoy which I suppose is how I did resist that temptation.

So, what did I buy?

Disney Scarf:

Disney Scarf.jpg

I love scarves, this is no secret. I have actually decided now that whenever I travel somewhere new I am going to buy a scarf. Some people buy key rings, some buy magnets, but I’m going with scarves. So this scarf is kind of split into four sections depicted in the images above and I love it so much and it’s something I know I will be able to wear a lot.

Minnie Mouse Ears:


I don’t think this is something people would usually expect from me, but I really wanted some ears of some kind. After going to Disneyland Paris a few years ago and not picking any up, a small part of me regretted it, so I had to get some this time. I love these because they’re really soft, though they did also have sequinned ones which I loved too, except the sequins got caught in my hair.

Alice in Wonderland Notebook:

Alice in Wonderland notebook.jpg

As a lover of notebooks I couldn’t resist this one the second I laid eyes on it. Firstly, it was Alice in Wonderland themed (in case my current nails aren’t any indication, I do love Alice in Wonderland). Secondly, all the pages are edged in gold (and the pages themselves on the inside are decorated beautifully too). Thirdly, the pocket-watch in the middle of the cover actually opens and finally, it has two ribbon bookmarks with little bits dangling at the end.

Pirates of the Caribbean Medallion Keyring:


One of my favourite rides in the Disneyland Park was Pirates of the Caribbean – my best friend and I went on it nine times in total – so it made sense so have some kind of memorabilia. As a huge fan of the movies, especially the first three, it also made sense to have something more closely linked to them.

Magic Necklace:


I forgot to include this purchase in the photo at the top of this post as I forgot to take it out of my suitcase. Nevertheless, I found it in time to write this post. There was a lot of lovely Disney related jewellery, but I settled on the necklace which said  ‘magic’ and I really love it.

Swarovski Earrings:


The final thing I bought on this holiday wasn’t actually in Disney, but at the airport on the way home. Swarovski jewellery may be more expensive, but it is better quality and therefore worth it. The oldest earrings I currently own are also by Swarovski and they still are in great condition, so I definitely know I haven’t wasted my money on these, plus I got two pairs. I also love that one of the pairs are stars.

That is everything I bought whilst I was on holiday. I had an amazing few days in Disneyland Paris and really hope you have all been enjoying Disney Week. If you are not caught up, please feel free to do so, I have linked to all of the posts below:

Do you own any Disney merchandise?


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10 thoughts on “Disney Haul.

  1. Belinda O says:

    I grew up in California, and my family traveled to the original Disneyland every other year for vacation. Heaven knows what happened to most of the stuff I collected over the years, but I still have the very first thing my parents bought me there when I was eight years old: a little Winnie-the-Pooh stuffed toy, complete with bib.

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