Daily Blogging in June.

Yes, you have read that title correctly. I am planning on blogging every single day in June. This may be surprising because I have been publishing fewer posts lately and not exactly at my regular pace, but I miss posting so often and I’m starting to feel more inspired again.

Every couple of months now I’m going to have themed weeks on my blog. In April I had a Collab Week and next week I have an exciting Disney Week planned! For those who didn’t read my last update post, I am off to Disneyland Paris next week. Obviously, I can’t take you all with me, so I thought I would share the Disney joy with a week of Disney related blog posts instead.

Since this means that I will not be home, you will likely hear less from me. My blog posts will be scheduled and I don’t expect to be spending much time on social media or replying to comments (but I will reply to all of them once I am home again) or reading many blog posts either (though I will try).However, I will have a big catch up session once I am back!

In other news, it is my birthday tomorrow! I am turning twenty which is slightly scary, but at the same time it’s not because I feel like my mental age most of the time is older than that. I mean, at work last week one of the girls thought I was twenty three because I’m so mature. I still cannot get over that, but it actually makes me feel happy as whenever I look in the mirror I look like I’m about fifteen and I definitely get asked for ID more often than not.

I think that’s everything to really update you all on. It hasn’t exactly been that long since my last update, after all.

I look forward to seeing how this month goes and if I actually manage to keep up with blogging everyday. Also, I really hope you enjoy all the upcoming posts, especially those included in my Disney Week!

How are you all doing?

Have you read anything good lately? I need something to take to Disney with me!


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21 thoughts on “Daily Blogging in June.

  1. cassidygott says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have an amazing time in Disneyland Paris 🙂
    Every time I go out or try to buy something that needs ID I always hear that I look 15, and I’m 24. A bartender even wanted to confiscate my license once which was a really humiliating experience

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