Review: The Heir of Tara by Shannon Carter.

the heir of taraThe author kindly sent me a copy of her book, The Heir of Tara, to review, so here are my honest thoughts and opinions surrounding this book.

The Heir of Tara is the first in a fantasy series. Evie, our protagonist, is just about to start college in Salem and it really isn’t long until she is thrust into this new world where people are after her, where people have special abilities and where people aren’t regular human beings. A life Evie never knew about is quickly being unravelled along with truths about her family and herself.

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Greek/Egyptian Inspired Nails.

I have really fallen in love with gel nails and getting my nails done lately. In case you missed it, I had my nails done four weeks ago too and walked away with some stunning Disney related nails.

This week I went in with a Greek inspired design in mind using the colours white and gold as they feel very summery (although the weather seems to object).

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June Book Haul 2016.


I didn’t go too crazy on books this month, but I also couldn’t resist picking up a few! After my big fail of a book ban last month I knew it was no good telling myself that I can’t buy any books since this month I had set myself no restrictions yet only bought four. As a result, instead of trying another book ban next month I am going to give myself a limit of four again.

So, what books did I buy?

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Review: A Courtroom of Ashes by C. S. Wilde.

a courtroom of ashesA digital copy of A Courtroom of Ashes was kindly sent to me by the author herself in exchange for my honest review.

A Courtroom of Ashes follows Santana Jones, a lawyer, who owns a very curious mirror. Satana’s soul is dragged through the mirror into the world of Death by an evil spirit who belongs on the other side and now she has to find a way to get back to her body before the evil spirit creates any more damage and wreaks havoc on the living world.

I really liked this book, in fact, I even included it in my June Favourites. Wilde’s writing is easy to read, gripping and really enjoyable.

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Disneyland Paris: Walt Disney Studios Part Two.

Just because this is my second post on the Walt Disney Studios park at Disneyland Paris by no means suggests that you have to have read the first one, but I definitely encourage you to read part one afterwards, or beforehand if you prefer to do it that way.

While my first posts consisted of plenty of images, inside this post is a video, so come with me as I walk through the Walt Disney Studios park…

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June Favourites 2016.

June Favourites 2016.jpg

I have been doing favourites posts for a whole year now, which means I need to start putting years in the titles so that posts don’t get mixed up, ha. This also means that I have been blogging about beauty for approximately a year now; time just goes so fast. Enough of that though, let’s get into my favourites for this month:

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Did You Know…?

I have new and updated pages!

The problem with creating new and updating pages on your blog is that no one is aware of it because they don’t receive any kind of notifications like they do with new posts which appear in your Reader and/or in your inbox. As a result, for today’s post I thought I’d let you know of something new around the blog as well as old things which have been updated.

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LUSH Haul.

June LUSH Haul.jpg

If you were watching my Snapchat (driftinglexi) earlier this afternoon you will have seen that I took a trip to LUSH after work and picked up a load of products. This is definitely the most I have personally bought in one shopping trip to LUSH, but it is by no means that large compared to other LUSH hauls I have seen.

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