Review: Happily by Sophie Tanner.

HappilyI love finding books which are a bit different to what I usually read every now and again. As you will all know, I do read a lot of fantasy and I love psychological thrillers. Happily definitely doesn’t fit into either of these genres, but I still enjoyed it very much.

The author kindly sent me a digital copy of this book so that I could give you all my true and honest opinions on it and it is available in ebook right now.

Happily follows the story of Chloe who decides to marry herself. Chloe is fed up of people always asking her why she’s still single and making out that you can’t be complete and happy on your own, but she is. So, when she announces her engagement to herself, everyone is intrigued and curious, some are supportive and of course you’re always going to get those people who so strongly disagree…

Not only is Happily different to what I would usually read, it’s completely and wonderfully unique in it’s own way. I mean, how familiar are you with the concept of self-marriage? It’s definitely not something I have read about before which is why I was so interested in reading this in the first place.

Throughout the book we explore Chloe’s reasons for wanting to do this while also learning a lot about her and her past. We also get to see everyone else’s reactions to her news, many of them supportive, but for many it was also a struggle for them to understand. As a result it was great to see all these different viewpoints from lots of different people and the cast of characters in this book were very diverse themselves.

On the topic of characters it’s difficult to select a favourite. As a whole Chloe’s friends and family very supportive. She has such a wonderful and caring group of friends and a brilliant mother and you can’t not love her Uncle Leonard!

At one point near the end of the story I grew a bit concerned that as Chloe got closer with another character the whole self-marriage would be thrown out of the window. However, a conversation between her and one of her friends reassured me that you can have both. Just because you’re marrying yourself doesn’t mean you’re giving up any possibility for a relationship because it is important to love yourself.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and rate it 5/5. It conveys important messages to the reader  as well as the issues surrounding self-marriage and LGBT+, so if it sounds like your kind of book, or like me your were intrigued and fancied a change, I definitely recommend going for it!


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