Spring Lipstick Favourites.


Every season there are always some lip products I wear more than others and usually there’s a bit of a theme colour-wise. For Spring, I tend to wear a lot of pale pink shades so pink does make up the majority of this post. However, there is a lovely, bright outlier at the end.

Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Galaxy.

IMG_0645In the swatch at the bottom of this post, Galaxy appears very purple, definitely more so than it does pink which is odd because on the lips it really doesn’t appear that way and is definitely not that dark. It is certainly the darkest of all these lipsticks with more purple tones, but it is still very much a pink, perfect for everyday as well as night wear.

For a more accurate representation of this shade I definitely encourage you to check out my Everyday Spring Makeup look in which you can see it on the lips.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor in Devotion.

Recently, I wrote a post all about this range of liquid lipsticks which can be read here. I loved all of these, but Devotion was probably my favourite and was definitely my most worn, plus it fits well into the pink colour scheme for Spring.

This lipstick is so pigmented, easy to apply, creamy and smells lovely and sweet. The shade is light and perfect for throughout the day and it also has a certain brightness to it which would make it lovely at night with a dark eye.

Kiko Milano Smooth Temptation Lipstick in in 05.

Another shade of pink, but a few shades lighter than Devotion. This lipstick makes my lips feel lovely and soft, gives off a gorgeous vanilla scent and is quick and easy to apply with it’s crayon-like shape. Again, this is an ideal lipstick for during the day and it is probably the closest lipstick out of all of these to the natural lip colour (or my natural lip colour anyway).

MAC Fanfare.

Out of the lot, this is likely my favourite pink of them all. Fanfare is the lightest of the pinks, but it has a bit of a coral undertone which warms it up a bit, making it perfect as we transition into Summer with the warmer whether. What I love about this too is that because it is quite light it is ideal to wear to work. Not only this, but it has a cremesheen finish which gives it a lovely little shine which I love at this time of the year.

If you would like to see this lipstick on the lips I am wearing it in this video.

Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick in Craving Coral.

Finally onto our outlier. This lipstick definitely stands out from the rest; it isn’t pink, it isn’t light and it isn’t creamy. Instead, it is a very orange-y-red coral, very warm toned and has a very matte finish. This is my go-to if I fancy something bright and bold and if I need a break from all the pink. It is especially perfect for a night out as it’s matte finish ensures better staying power.

Again, this is a lipstick I have worn before in a video and that can be viewed here.

As always, I have included swatches of these five lipsticks and they are shown below in the same order as they are listed above:

Spring Lipstick Favourites.jpg

What are your favourite lipsticks for Spring?


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