Review: Steel Scars by Victoria Aveyard.

steel scars“”And you’re late.”
“I prefer chronologically challenged.”” – Victoria Aveyard.

Last week I shared with you all my thoughts of Queen Song which is set before the Red Queen series and even this novella, Steel Scars. These two books came together in the form of Cruel Crown, but I decided to review them separately because they’re very different stories set at different points in the timeline and featuring very different characters.

Steel Scars follows Farley’s life. We see her interactions with the Colonal, Command and other Reds around her as she’s given a mission to accomplish. During this mission she meets Shade and at the end the story merges a little with the beginning of Red Queen.

What I loved about this short story was seeing a character who I had loved from Glass Sword. His appearance and Farley’s scenes with him were definitely my favourite parts of the book. Furthermore, I enjoy seeing the events of Red Queen happning alongside this novella and being able to see both Farley and Shade’s reactions to what was going on in regards to Mare

Aside from this, I wasn’t actually that keen on this short story. I loved the inclusion of the messages between Farley, the Colonal and Command; however I didn’t really understand them and eventually just ended up skipping those parts. The formatting and the fact they were there is great, but I think it needed to be a bit easer to read/comprehend, plus I don’t feel like I missed anything from not reading that bit of communication which therefore renders them a bit pointless.

Farley’s character is not one of my favourites. My favourite thing about this short story was Shade which makes me wish that it was written from his perspective instead; however as least from Farley’s point of view it means he comes across as more witty and funny. Meanwhile, I didn’t find Farley particularly interesting and her story didn’t make me like her any more than I did in the main book series in which I just found her to be okay.

Overall, this wasn’t my favourite of the short stories; I definitely preferred Queen Song. However, if you loved Shade then you may enjoy reading this as you get to see a little more of him. I rate this 2/5.

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Have you read Steel Scars? What were your thoughts?


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