Beach Day Essentials.

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Over the past few weeks the mornings and evenings have been getting lighter and lighter and the days have been getting longer. This mixed with all the talk of holidays going on around me has made me excited for next season which is why today I am here with more of a summery post (even if there was a little snow in some areas of the UK earlier).

Today I am going to talk you through my Beach Day Essentials. Honestly, I do not go to the beach all that much, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love it when I do go. As a result when Adore Me* told me about this idea for a post I was excited to take part. So, let’s get into my Beach Day Essentials…


I love hats, my personal hat of choice is a trilby, and I do have a small collection of them which I am always eager to grow come summer. Hats are definitely an essential at the beach because no one wants a sunburn on the top of their head, or anywhere on their face and as the part of your body closest to the sun, it is most at risk. Hats not only protect your head, but keep you cool and can prevent you from getting headaches whilst you’re out soaking up the sun.

IMG_0861As I’ve mentioned, I love trilby hats and one of my favourites is this one, also the first trilby I ever bought. This is the Bailey Hats Mannes Trilby although they don’t seem to sell the colour I own anymore (I have had this hat for approximately five years now). When trying to find the hat again on the website, I also noticed this it is not £20 more expensive than when I bought it which definitely made me happy (though maybe not you, oops)!


An obvious choice, but also an important one. Not only are sunglasses an accessory, but they protect your eyes from the brightness of the sun and just make the whole experience of being out in the sun so much more enjoyable as no one appreciates having the sun glaring into your eyes.

IMG_0857In my experience, I always end up losing or breaking sunglasses within a year, so I don’t like to spend much money on them. As a matter of fact, I lost the pair on the left which led to the purchase of a second pair, so now I have two. I always buy a cheap pair from New Look so when they inevitably go missing or break it doesn’t bother me and it means you can buy several pairs to go with whatever you’re wearing (even if you do end up buying two pairs in blue…).


I am not a fan of swimming, but I do love reading which will not shock any of you. I love lying on the beach with a good book, so bringing a book to the beach is imperative, especially considering I don’t tend to venture out into the sea much.

IMG_0854My favourite types of books to read in the sun are contemporaries with a little romance and for the purpose of this post I’m going to suggest a few books I think would be ideal to take to the beach and I have linked my reviews of them:


This one is an essential depending on my mood and who I’m with as well as how busy the beach is. My iPod is definitely more of a priority if it’s quite crowded in order to drown the noise out, especially if I’m trying to read; however, if I’m with people I can talk easily with then I’ll likely go without.

Plus, considering the current state of my iPod, it probably isn’t the most suitable for the beach, but I’ll always take it with me in case I need it.


IMG_0855This one might be slightly confusing so please bear with me, I am not referring to a scarf to wrap around your neck to keep you warm.

Thin and wide scarves are perfect to take to the beach in order to drape around your shoulders if you’re getting too hot. It acts as an extra layer of protection to prevent your skin from burning without making you too hot like a shirt would. I always take a thin scarf or light shirt to cover myself up with every now and then to give my skin a break.

While I wasn’t at the beach last summer, I was in Rome and it was very hot, so I got this scarf and it definitely helped prevent my skin from burning. Also, it was a lovely excuse to buy a scarf because I do love scarves.

Aside from the more obvious choices e.g. sandals, sun cream etc. these are my Beach Day Essentials. One thing I have neglected to mention is swimwear. I currently don’t actually own any and as someone who isn’t big on swimming that’s not likely to change soon. However, for those of you based in America and Canada who are searching for some new swimwear for the summer, the brand I mentioned earlier, Adore Me, who gave me the idea for this post sell a lovely variety of swimwear for all sizes. They also currently have an offer on so that you can get some free flip flops with your order, so definitely go and check out their swimwear range.

What are your Beach Day Essentials?


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*This post is not sponsored by Adore Me; they haven’t paid me or sent me anything, I did this post because I loved the idea and I understand the struggle of trying to find the perfect swimwear for your vacation.


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