Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor.

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The Ultra HD Matte Lipcolors are quite recent additions to the Revlon stand in Boots and I was instantly drawn to them with their lovely packaging, colourful range of shades and the the fact that they had “Ultra HD” in the name. Last year I wrote about the Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks and I loved them, so this gave me high hopes for these liquid lipsticks.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor lipsticks.jpg

I started off with one shade, Devotion (second from the left), and instantly fell in love with it, so the next day I went back to Boots and I bought three more (well,they did have a 3 for 2 offer on…). Altogether, the shades I bought, in the same order as they are shown above are Seduction, Devotion, Love and Passion.

As I mentioned before, I absolutely love the packaging of these. They’re very different to anything else and easy to store as they’re quite flat and despite the rounded ends, they do still stand up making them perfect for whichever way you prefer to store your lip products. I also love that the packaging accurately reflects the colour of the lip product, especially when the name is so tiny on the back and I much prefer when the shade is on the tube rather than on a sticker at the bottom. This also means that if I’m looking for a specific colour and I’m in a rush it’ll be easy to find.

Being in a rush brings me to my next point. These lipsticks are so quick and easy to apply; I absolutely love the applicator and the almost triangular shape of it which allows for a neat application. Applying the product well doesn’t take long at all and it gives you the right amount of product, rather than too much like other products tend to and as a result my lips don’t end up in a bright and colourful mess. As always though, you need to be a bit more careful with the darker shades.

Let’s talk about the formula. These liquid lipsticks are so creamy which is so surprising for a matte product. However, saying that, I don’t feel like these go fully matte which is slightly disappointing given the name of the product. Nevertheless, I absolutely love it because the shades still come out beautifully with such a lovely texture. They make my lips feel so soft (ever softer than their Ultra HD lipsticks make them) and do not dry them out at all. Even later on in the day I find my lips still feel soft.

Unfortunately though, the fact that these lipsticks are actually closer to creamy than matte does have an effect on their staying power. After wearing all four shades they all seemed the same and none of them stayed on my lips through dinner like most of my matte products tend to. Darker shades, such as Passion, did leave a bit of stain behind and my lips still remained feeling soft, but brighter shades like Love just left a bright red ring around my lips.

Obviously I cannot write about lipsticks without some mention of what they smell like. These lipsticks smell absolutely gorgeous. They have a really sweet scent which I struggle to place, but thinking about it I recall the Ultra HD lipsticks having the same scent. Either way, I love it.

Overall, I am really impressed with these liquid lipsticks. My favourite shades are probably Devotion and Love, but I do love the others too and it wouldn’t surprise me if I end up purchasing more as all the shades are so different to one another. Although these lipsticks don’t really live up to their claim of being matte (that is really the only thing I find disappointing about this product), I really like them and they are easily my favourite liquid lipsticks out of those I own.

Now, swatches!

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor swatches.jpg

As you can see from how the light reflects off these swatches, they really don’t come across as very matte and in this photo they had already been on my arm for a good five minutes too. Never mind, I’m still very happy with them. So these shades are, from top to bottom:

  • Seduction – a lovely basic nude.
  • Devotion – a gorgeous pink, especially for spring/summer.
  • Love – a bright red with an orange undertone. You can also see it on my lips in this post.
  • Passion – a beautiful pinky-red berry shade. It reminds me slightly of MAC Diva, actually.

Have you tried Revlon‘s new liquid lipsticks? What were your thoughts?

Which shade is your favourite?


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