The Book Sacrifice Tag.

I was tagged to do the Book Sacrifice Tag by Charley from booksandbakes1, so make sure you check out her wonderful book blog including her responses to the questions below.

From the title I instantly knew that this would be a tag I’d struggle with, but thank goodness there are only four questions!

submarineAn Over-Hyped Book – situation: you’re in a store when the zombie apocalypse hits. The military informs everyone that over-hyped books are the zombies only weakness. What book that everyone else says is amazing but you disliked do you start chucking at the zombies?

What did I tell you? A tricky start is not promising, haha! I find that I am somewhat easy to please with books, so there aren’t many over-hyped books I do not enjoy and a lot of over-hyped books I don’t love are those which I haven’t yet read.

As a result of this I have settled on Submarine by Joe Dunthorne.

This probably does not count as a over-hyped book, but I knew a few people a few years ago who absolutely loved it and I honestly cannot understand why. However, if you’re the opposite way round and don’t understand why I didn’t enjoy this book, or you’re just merely curious about it, I have a review here.

vampire diariesA Sequel – situation: torrential downpour. What sequel are you willing to use as an umbrella to protect yourself?

I really had no idea for this one and I had to go scrolling through my Goodreads to remind myself of series I have read! I eventually settled on basically all of the sequels to the Vampire Diaries books by L. J. Smith.

I mean, they just kept getting worse and worse. The first two books (technically four) were alright, but after that it just became too much and somewhere down the line a ghost writer came in. Like, I would have rather they stopped the series altogether than have someone else take over.

FrankensteinA Classic – situation: you’re in English class and your professor raves about a Classic that “transcends time”. If given the opportunity to travel back in time, which Classic would you try to stop from ever publishing?

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

I wanted to love this book, I really did, but I just couldn’t and didn’t. As a result this is definitely a book I would want to prevent from ever being published. I was also torn between this book and another, but with this one I can direct you to my review (haha) so that you can properly see my thoughts on this book and why I didn’t like it.

john dies at the endA Least Favourite Book – situation: apparently global warming = suddenly frozen wasteland. Your only hope of survival for warmth is to burn a book. Which book will you not regret lighting?

John Dies at the End by David Wong and if possible I would also like to add all the aforementioned books to the fire.

This is probably the weirdest book I have ever read and it is not one I would ever want to revisit. I don’t often get rid of books, but when I cleared out my shelves at the end of college last year this one had to go.

Similar to most of the books I have mentioned I do have a review for this here.

Thank you again Charley for tagging me! I am not tagging anyone specific this time, but if you do this tag I would love to see your responses.


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