Review: Stardust by Neil Gaiman.

“You have to believe. Otherwise, it will never happen.” – Neil Gaiman.

stardustThis is a book I have been dying to get my hands on for a very long time and not just because I love the cover and how it is consistent with Gaiman’s other works.

Stardust first came to me in the form of the movie, rather than the book and I loved it. Ever since I have wanted to read the book and not too long ago I finally bought it. I couldn’t wait to read it, so unsurprisingly it was bumped up in my TBR pile.

Stardust is a fantasy story full of magic and the world of Faerie. Tristan Thorn travels into the Faerie world on the other side of the wall in search of a star which fell from the sky in order to win the heart of Victoria Forester. Throughout Tristan’s travels through Faerie we learn of this magical world and the danger that lies within it.

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