March Favourites.

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“Is the spring coming?” he said. “What is it like?”…
“It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine…” – Frances Hodgson Burnett.

This is such a cliché thing to say at the beginning of a favourites post, but where has the month gone? March is almost over, but it feels like it only just began and January and February weren’t much different either.

March may have a been a seemingly fast month, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t find some new favourites which I think are worthy of all our love, some of which are pictured above. Similar to last month, I’m also going to continue using my categories as I found it just made the post look so much tidier and easier to read. Plus, it means if you aren’t interested in one section, you can easily skip to the next one!


Lady Midnight pagesLady Midnight by Cassandra Clare.

I don’t feel like I’ve actually read that much this month, but even if I had I reckon Lady Midnight would still be a favourite because I enjoyed it so much. I had been anticipating the release of this book for well over a year and then I read the whole thing in a weekend. I couldn’t and didn’t stop reading it and I love that feeling and it’s a feeling that not many books seem to evoke in me nowadays.

Also, just look at the book, it’s so pretty and the edges of the pages are green. I love it.

I do have a review of this book up too, so please check that out here.

Eyeshadow palette:


The Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 3 has been a firm favourite this month and I believe will continue to be one throughout this season (although there will be more on my spring favourites in a couple of weeks). I do not own the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, but I debated getting it because I wanted to experiment more. However, I didn’t know if the pinks would suit me, so I couldn’t justify the splurge. Instead, I found this palette after seeing so many other bloggers talking about it and how it’s a dupe for the Naked 3, for so much cheaper.

I have been loving this palette so much this month. It has amazing pigmentation and quality and a lovely range of shades which all can work together really well to create such a variety of looks for both daytime and night-time wear. In fact, I have recently created an everyday look using this eyeshadow palette which you can check out here.

Recent purchase:


At the beginning of the month I bought the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour palette (lots of love for Makeup Revolution this month!). I seem to be buying a lot of bronzer/highlighter products lately considering last month my favourite of my recent purchases was the Seventeen Shimmer Brick.

I use this palette pretty much everyday at the moment. Depending on time I’ll use the lighter bronzer (second from the left on the bottom row) if I’m in a rush, or I’ll go full out experimenting with the other powders on my cheeks. I especially love the highlighter as it is so pretty and so pigmented. In fact, sometimes I tone down the highlighter a little with one of the pink powders as it is so shimmery on its own.

Also, I do use this palette in the post mentioned above in which there is also a makeup video. However, in the video my camera battery was dying which unfortunately meant I was unable to film myself actually using this product, so you only get to see me before and after using the palette.



Technically, this isn’t a lipstick, but I categorise all lip products as lipsticks in general. My favourite for this month has been the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Galaxy. Oh, and surprise, surprise, I am wearing this in my everyday spring makeup look post too! (How many times can I link to the same thing in this post? Haha!)

I generally shy away from anything that isn’t a lipstick bullet, but I also want a diverse lip collection, so to do this I need to embrace lip lacquers. I have used one from this range before and I liked it, but not enough to wear it often because I had an actual lipstick in the same shade. However, the shade galaxy is unlike any of my other lipsticks and the colour is a gorgeous everyday kind of pink, it is so wearable and I also love the name. It’s also easy to apply and sits nicely on the lips. The colour pairs very nicely too with the eyeshadow palette mentioned earlier, though you can get a proper look at them both together by clicking one of the above links.

Nail polish:

IMG_0665It is no secret I love painting my nails, I mean there’s an entire section of this blog dedicated to my nail art, so it’s no surprise that I love buying new shades of nail polish.

This is the Barry M Speedy Quick Dry nail paint in Personal Best. It is a gorgeous pastel purple colour and it is in fact a perfect shade match for the purple on the cover of Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg, therefore it’s ideal for all you Zoella fanss! I also think it is a beautiful colour for spring and definitely hope to be doing some nail art with it soon.

LUSH bath bomb:

As you are all hopefully aware, every Spring LUSH release two ranges of products: the Mother’s day range and the Easter range. It definitely makes Spring an expensive time of year for bath products as I obviously can’t resist but to pick up a few.

My favourite bath bomb of the month comes from the Eater collection as I didn’t try any from the Mother’s day range (plus my Ladybird bubble bar is still yet to be crumbled, but I can highly recommend the Yummy Mummy shower cream). This month I tried the Fluffy Egg bath bomb and I enjoyed it so much.

Fluffy Egg.jpg

It smells gorgeous and sweet and turns your bath a bright pink – I don’t like pink, but I do like colourful baths – and it is so moisturising. I didn’t want to get out of the bath as the bath bomb was making my skin feel so lovely and soft and those are definitely my favourite kinds of bath bombs.

thirteenTV Show:


There doesn’t seem to be an official TV show poster for this series, so this photo will have to suffice.

Thirteen is a series available on BBC iPlayer, we are currently only four episodes in, but I’m enjoying it so much and I know lots of other people who are too.

When she was thirteen Ivy was kidnapped. Thirteen years later she escapes and returns home to her family, though of course, after thirteen years a lot has changed. While Ivy is readjusting the police are in search of her kidnapper who, now that’s he’s lost Ivy, has taken someone else…

I have been enjoying this series so much, I’m not sure how many episodes there are going to be, I don’t think many, but I know that there is going to be a new episode up on Sunday and I really cannot wait!

That is everything for my March Favourites. Please let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on what I’ve been enjoying. Have you read Lady Midnight? Have you been watching Thirteen? I would also love to hear about everything you have been enjoying this month!

I won’t be posting over the weekend, but Happy Easter everyone!


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