Easter Inspired Nail Art.

“Everyone loves New York City for all these different reasons. The culture. The mix of people. The pace. The food. But for me, it’s like one epic Easter egg hunt. You’re always finding these little surprises around every corner.” – Gayle Forman.

Easter is quickly approaching, it gets earlier and earlier every year and is the perfect excuse to gobble up a load of chocolate. In celebration of Easter, I have designed a couple of sets of nails full of Easter eggs, chicks and of course, the Easter Bunny.

Easter eggs and bunny.jpg

The quality of this photo may not be the very best, but I remember being ever so proud of these nails when I first painted them. The Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs are one of the first things that come to mind when someone says Easter (aside from religious reasons, although I’m not all that religious) so it seemed fitting to create a design which featured both.

I won’t list everything I used to create this design, but I will include the basics: Maybelline Color Show nail polish in Cool Blue, Rio Professional Nail Art Kit, original and pastel, any white nail polish and dotting tools of various sizes.


This next design I was really proud of because I loved the idea behind it: A Chick Hatching. So, every nail displays a different part of the process; the egg, an egg cracking, eyes peeking out, the chick sat in it’s shell and finally the chick itself.

For these nails I used a simple white nail polish for the egg and Maybelline Color Show nail polish in Electric Yellow (I went through a phase where I only used Color Show nail polishes, haha). For the details I used silver, orange, black and white nail polishes from Rio Professional Nail Art kits as they are both stripers and dotting tools in one, therefore making creating detail in designs so much easier and convenient.

The good thing about this design too, is that you don’t necessarily have to have the whole transformation on your nails. Instead, you can simply just have chicks on each nail which would still be extremely cute.

I hope you enjoyed these nails. What are you wearing on your nails for Easter?

For more Easter themed nail art designs I also urge to you check out my Chocolate Inspired Nail Art and my Nail Art Gallery.


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