Chocolate Inspired Nail Art.

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” – Linda Grayson.

Easter is approaching so I thought it would be appropriate to show you all some nail designs inspired by chocolate. As you may have seen elsewhere on my blog, I’ve been getting into all things spring/Easter, so it’s no surprise that I’m writing this post a few weeks before Easter. However, it’s not like I’m the one putting Easter eggs in stores in January, so if you look at it that way I’m right on time.

Dripping chocolate.jpg

My first chocolate inspired nail art design is Dripping Chocolate. These are similar to the dripping blood and dripping paint nails  I have done in the past, but this time I used a brown nail polish to represent melted chocolate. The brown I used for this design was Essie Chocolate Cakes. However, my only complaint with this nail polish is that it does have a very red undertone, so it only looks chocolate-y in certain lights.

Chocolate nails.jpg

Chocolate bar nails. Some of these I’m not so sure really look like a chocolate bar, but it is always hard to look at your own work objectively as everyone else seems to like them. I personally think the nail which looks most like chocolate is the one on the middle finger.

For this design I used nail studs and stuck them onto my nails in this organised format reflective of how a chocolate bar looks. I then covered the whole nail, studs included with Essie Chocolate Cakes nail polish. However, as I mentioned before, it has a red undertone which really stood out over the top of the gold studs. As a result, I put another layer of nail polish over the top in Tanya Burr Cosmetics Penguin Chick. I really like the effect of these nail polishes layered together as it makes the colour appear even more like milk chocolate. I had previously been put off Penguin Chick because I thought it was too cool toned, but mixed together the nail polishes are the perfect shade.

Broken up chocolate.jpg

Broken up chocolateThis is a design I wasn’t the most confident would turn out okay, but I still think it could have been worse. For this design I used Tanya Burr Cosmetics Penguin Chick nail polish again and before it dried I used a tooth pick to create vertical and horizontal lines in the nail polish. This makes it look like a broken up chocolate bar, or perhaps a brick wall since the chocolate kind of lacks depth and is rather light in colour. However, it is a simple and quick nail design to do.

Do you have any chocolate nail designs? I would love to see them!

Which is your favourite out of the ones above?


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