Spring Makeup Wishlist.

Spring Makeup Wishlist.jpg

“The world is not a wish-granting factory.” – John Green.

Spring is generally the month in which everything gets lighter; the sky, the clothes and even the makeup. Since basically September I have been favouring the darkest possible lip colours and then a bit more recently nudes. However, now that we are in March, the pinky-nude shades and corals are taking my fancy and I’m not just talking about on the lips.

Naked 3Recently, I have bought a couple of very pinky eyeshadow palettes as light and sparkly pink shades just scream spring to me. However, these eyeshadow palettes have not prevented me from lusting over one particular eyeshadow palette. Unsurprisingly, I am referring to the Urban Decay Naked 3. Before this palette I don’t remember pinks ever being much of a thing, but now we all love them and as much as I love my Makeup Revolution dupe, I would still love the real thing.

If I’m honest, I never imagined myself saying that I would like this palette, but I really do. It’s shocking because I absolutely hate the colour pink, but I suppose pink in makeup is an entirely different matter.

Too Faced Chocolate BarSticking with eyeshadow palettes, there is another one I am lusting after at the moment. This one is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I mean, how can I not? With Easter just around the corner it’s difficult not to have a craving for a palette that smells of chocolate!

Furthermore, those nude shades look gorgeous for not just this time of year, but any time of year. There is also a purple and I love purple eyeshadow and most definitely do not have enough of it. It also hasn’t escaped my notice that lately a lot of people have been falling in love (or back in love) with this palette and as a result it’s only made me want it more, especially after Claire’s review of it earlier this year.

This palette also featured in my Eyeshadow Palette Wishlist from back in September and I still do not have it. One day I will get it.

Moving onto lips, a gorgeous MAC lipstick caught my eye a short while ago and it seems ideal for spring/summer. The lipstick is called Fanfare and it has a cremesheen finish. I have only ever tried MAC‘s matte lipsticks, so this only makes me want to try it more as I wear so much matte lipstick that I think spring is a good time to have a little break from it. MAC describe this shade as a mid-tone yellow pink and I remember swatching it a while ago and falling in love with it.

Continuing with lipsticks, I now have three from the same collection. Also, I know I just said that I want to have a break from matte lipsticks, but I swatched these a couple of days ago and I just know that I will have to buy them at some point. These lipsticks are by Maybelline and are from the Color Sensational Matte Lipstick range. I bought the shade Divine Wine last year and loved it, so as long as the formula is consistent I know I will love these lipsticks too.

The shades I have on my wishlist are Nude Embrace (a gorgeous matte nude which isn’t pinky, just the way I like it), Craving Coral (I love coral lipsticks and I cannot wait for it to be appropriate to wear them again) and Siren in Scarlet (a lovely bright red with a pink undertone if I remember correctly). I know I probably do not need any more reds, but how can I possibly resist a new bright red lipstick?

Of course, these are not the only products I am wishing for this season, but it’s a start and they are the most seasonally appropriate makeup items out of the ones that spring (hehe) to mind.

What makeup products would you like this season?


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19 thoughts on “Spring Makeup Wishlist.

    • driftinglexi says:

      Haha, me too really! Oh I know, but they are really lovely! Thank you! Ooh I will! I do also have some looks I created with other palettes over on my YouTube channel in case you are interested :-).


  1. Jani V says:

    Lovely picks, I just got the chocolate bon bons and I am so so in love with it it is ridiculous. I want the original chocolate bar but in the future. As for spring summer colors, I am really lusting after the peanut butter & jelly palette and the upcomin summer release of Sweet Peach Palette from Too Faced. I also want to Naked 2 but I found a decent dupe so that will do for now. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • driftinglexi says:

      Ooh lucky you! I really want the Sweet Peach one! I reckon that will be appearing on my summer wishlist, haha! I love the Naked 2! Yes, I’ve found a Naked 3 dupe which I’m quite happy with for the time being!

      Liked by 1 person

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