February Favourites.

“You don’t have favourites among your children, but you do have allies. ” – Zadie Smith.

February Favourites.jpg

It is the end of another month in 2016 and I have been enjoying quite a lot of things. This month I am also changing the structure of my favourites so that I can include lots of different products which fit into categories as it just makes it all feel a whole lot more organised. So, lets start with my favourite…

a monster callsBook:

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness.

It was a tough choice between this and Beside Myself by Ann Morgan, but I enjoyed the writing in this book so much, plus it has amazing illustrations which just add to the experience of reading it. Also, they are drawn by Jim Kay, who also illustrated Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: Illustrated Edition.

You can read my full review of A Monster Calls here and have no fear, it is spoiler-free.


Clinique Moisture Surge.jpg

I haven’t used Clinique in years, but after Christmas my skin was so dry and suffering so much that I had to splurge. Fortunately, there was an offer on which meant that the moisturiser I wanted came with a free eye cream, overnight mask and makeup bag. This is from the Moisture Surge range and I absolutely love it all. My skin has never felt as good and soft as it does right now. It feels hydrated and it means that my foundation hasn’t had dry patches to collect in like it did before. I have also had a reduction in breakouts and even the few I have had have cleared up quite quickly!

Makeup brush:

Zoeva Silk Finish 102.jpg

The Zoeva 102 Silk Finish brush has certainly made it into my favourites this month! It applies and blends out my foundation flawlessly and I absolutely love it, not to mention the brush is incredibly soft and doesn’t leave brush strokes in your foundation. I never thought I’d use anything other than my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, but I actually prefer this.

Eyeshadow palette:
Naked 2 Basics

This month I have been all about the neutral, matte eyes so my favourite palette can be none other than the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics. This is such a wearable palette and the shades all blend together wonderfully and go together so well. I’ve also seen that lots of people love using it to fill in their eyebrows, although I don’t myself since I prefer using pencils. However, it shows how useful this palette is. Also, it’s so small making it ideal for travelling, I took it with me when I went to Rome last year and I was so glad I had it, plus it has a good mirror inside!

Kiko Milano Smooth Temptation 06Lipstick:

This month I was introduced to the brand Kiko Milano and for the first time tried their lipsticks. I picked up one of their Smooth Temptation Lipsticks in the shade 06 and I have had so much wear out of it this month.

This is a lovely pinky-nude, kind of your lips but better shade. It has a gorgeous vanilla scent, application is extremely easy, it lasts well throughout the day and it is moisturising! Also, if you do need to reapply, it’s really easy to do so and you don’t really even need a mirror.

I also wrote a post about other Kiko Milano products I bought earlier this month including swatches here.

Recent purchase:

Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick closedHighlighting has been all the rage the past few months and until recently I had been using a crayon highlighter. However, it didn’t sit nicely on top of the foundation I was using at the time, so I decided that I wanted a powder one. I didn’t really want to splurge on an expensive one; however, I do hope to eventually (we have to treat ourselves every now and then, right? Although arguably, this was a treat itself…). Anyway, I bought the Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick in Gold Bronze which basically doubles as a bronzer and highlighter, although the bronzer is very glittery.

Seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick openSince it was cheap it didn’t bother me that I expected to only really use the highlighter strip which I love, especially on the brow bone. As a result, I was pleasantly surprised that I quite like the bronzer too. In the pan it may look very sparkly, but it is much more toned down on the skin, although if you look closely you will still spot glitter, but that’s expected. Also, it is all very pigmented, so overall I was very impressed and I have been wearing it almost everyday since. Once I also tried it as eyeshadows and loved the look of it due to all the sparkle!

Nail polish:

Orly Green With EnvyAfter the pale, neutral and matte shades of January, I’ve started yearning for a bit more colour. I want spring, I want summer. I was browsing in Boots, as I do on almost a weekly basis, and they had a load of nail polishes in their clearance. I had a little rummage and came across the gorgeous shade of green by Orly named Green with Envy and for £1 I truly could not resist. I put it on my nails and I didn’t end up doing any nail art for the whole week because I just loved the colour so much and it didn’t need topping up much throughout the week either!

Face mask:

Oatifix 2

I have never been very into face masks, but this month I decided to try something new, so I bought a face mask from LUSH. I bought Oatifix and I enjoyed using it so much that I am now converted into a person who uses face masks on a regular basis. I particularly recommend this to my fellow dry-skinned people, but I don’t think you have to have dry skin to enjoy this either. I did write a full review for this face mask which you can read here and I fully intend to try some more, especially LUSH ones, so hopefully I will have a face mask to recommend every now and then in my monthly favourites from now on.

The ExperimenterLUSH Bath Bomb:

I’ve already mentioned LUSH, so why not again? I have been enjoying bath bombs a lot recently and as much as I do enjoy the bubble bars, they’re not as exciting as something fizzing and spinning round the bathtub releasing layers of beautiful colours and sparkling glitter, making your skin feel wonderful and soft.

My favourite bath bomb this month was The Experimenter. I cannot believe I hadn’t used this before, it is amazing and it smells even nicer in the bath than in its solid form! Obviously, I can’t talk about a bath bomb without giving you a glimpse of it in action:

The Experimenter in action.jpg

Look how colourful it is! This bath bomb has definitely become one of my favourites and I shall definitely be repurchasing it!


Harry Potter book night

February wasn’t the most exciting month for me, so I don’t actually have many events to choose from. However, the one event I did attend I enjoyed very much and it meant a wonderful evening out with my best friends talking about our favourite book series and completing tasks associated with it. I am of course referring to the Harry Potter Book Night: A Night Of Spells event I attended at the very beginning of the month. I wrote a whole post about the event, so definitely check that out if you are a Harry Potter fan.

This has probably been my longest favourites post to date, but hopefully you can take something away from it and will have sparked your interest, or perhaps reminded you of a product you once used to love but had forgotten about.

Are you familiar with anything I have mentioned? I would love to hear about your experiences with it!

What have you been loving throughout February?


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14 thoughts on “February Favourites.

    • driftinglexi says:

      Aw, yay! I hope you enjoy it too! The colours look like they go better together than the ones in the original Basics palette so I think it is the better one. It is perfect for just everyday and I have a makeup look using it over on my YouTube channel in case you’re interested. You definitely have to try the bath bomb, it’s easily made it into one of my all time favourites now!


  1. Jani V says:

    I am looking for brushes and I keep seeing a lot of zoeva brushes. I am really looking forward to getting some but maybe when they have a sale or something. That bath bomb is soooooo pretty ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Becky says:

    That skincare set looks absolutely amazing, I really need to try it!! And I’ve tried Oatfix before and loved it, I like the texture and the scent! I’ve tried Cupcake before which smells amazing and their new rose one, although it smelt nice it broke me out! However I do love Lush, and the Experimenter is one of my faves, I love all the colours… Intergalactic is great for colours too! I remember reading your post about the Harry Potter event and saying how amazing it sounded!!:) I have that shimmer brick actually but never really used it, I’m gonna start using the highlighter part of it more 🙂 xxxx
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

    Liked by 1 person

    • driftinglexi says:

      Haha, it is! Yes me too, I’m not sure any other face mask can beat it! I really need to try Cupcake, perhaps it’ll be my next one! Oh no! Definitely! I love Intergalactic too! Haha, aw! Awesome! I’ve been using it every day lately, haha!


    • driftinglexi says:

      Yes, I definitely want to try out more from Zoeva! Oh I know! I am actually writing a post right now to go up tonight which features that nail polish so if you’d like to see it on the nails there will be a photo up of it tonight!


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