Matte Nail Art.

“The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.” – Alan W. Watts.

After all the glitter and sparkle from celebrating Christmas and New Year I needed a break. Throughout January I wore lots of nude shades and a whole lot of matte. Mattes eyes, matte lips and of course, matte nails. As a result of this I decided to create this post full of matte nail art designs.

To help with almost all of these nail designs (all except the first) I used the Barry M Matte Top Coat (no this isn’t sponsored, haha). I thought I may as well mention that now rather than repeatedly mention it under every single photo as you will tire of hearing of it. This is a great top coat which completely mattifies whatever nail polish you are wearing, it doesn’t even have to be a Barry M nail polish.

So, let’s get onto the first design!

Crush and brown hearts.jpg

This is a rather old design where I’ve drawn brown hearts over a matte burgundy nail polish (Barry M Crush). To do this I used a striper and painted three large brown dots (Red Herring, shade unknown) and dragged a toothpick downwards through them, creating three hearts.

Matte grey gradient.jpg

This next design is a matte grey gradient, however, unlike usual gradients, the colour varies nail-by-nail rather than all on one nail. This was a design inspired by some lovely ladies on Twitter and I absolutely loved how it came out. You simply need a white nail polish, three different shades of grey and a black nail polish, followed by the aforementioned matte top coat.

Matte pink.jpg

Here is definitely my most colourful nail design of the lot, though of course you can use any colours you like. I only selected pink so that I could get some use out of one of my favourite nail polishes, Essie Fiji, and because it was around Valentine’s day.

For this design I painted the whole nail in Fiji then covered it with the matte top coat. Next I used a shimmery pink striper and painted the diagonal lines going in both directions. I wanted to add more to the design so I then settled on using a dotting tool and adding small dots of silver in the middle of the diamond shapes created by the pink lines. Unfortunately, due to the light colours it was difficult getting a great quality picture which displayed the shades accurately!

Matte grey with glitter.jpg

After doing the gradient grey design, I realised how much I love matte grey nails. Using Essie Cocktail Bling, I painted all my nails followed by the matte top coat. I then dipped the top coat brush into a pot of loose glitter and painted it over the tip of my nails. Some nails clearly went a bit better than others, but overall I was quite happy with the result.

Matte black with spots.jpg

My final matte nail design is a matte black (who doesn’t like a matte black?!) with some colourful polka dots in concentrated areas of each nail. I love Barry M‘s huge variety of bright nail polish shades so I selected two of them for two different coloured spots (Guava and Cardamom). I didn’t want the colour to be matte so I made sure to used the matte top coat after the layer of black nail polish, then used a dotting tool for the spots afterwards.

The problem however, with mixing a matte and shiny finish on a nail is that you can’t seal the design with a top coat as a normal one turns the whole design glossy, while the matte turns the whole design matte.

Those are my five matte nail art designs. Are you a lover of matte nails? How do you wear your nails matte?

Also, I would love to hear which of the above designs is your favourite in the comments below!


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