Review: The Vessel by Callum McLaughlin.

the vesselThe name Callum McLaughlin is likely familiar to some of you, especially the fellow book bloggers since his name has probably popped up in quite a few times in some of my tag posts. This is because not only is Callum an author, but he has his own blog here on WordPress which I encourage you all to check out. His blog consists of books, tags, even his own poetry and more.

The Vessel was Callum’s first book (he has two others) and it follows Eva Cole who has been locked away from civilisation for the past eight months to assist with the government’s plans to repopulate their country which has been suffering. Eva manages to escape, but now she faces the struggle of hiding, surviving and exposing the truth to the world.

I really enjoyed this book. Each page was consistently well written, keeping me captivated in the story from beginning to end. It was well paced and I did worry that the book would involve lots of details on how the characters survived on their own, but it didn’t (I mean, that was part of the reason I didn’t enjoy Our Endless Numbered Days, there were too many details I didn’t care about). Callum has a wonderful way of writing descriptions and setting scenes which make you want to know the details of the character’s surroundings and keep the reader interested.

The Vessel is a categorised as a thriller and it is definitely written in this way leaving you constantly wondering what is going to happen next, especially in a world where you’re not sure who you can really trust. As a result of this, it is even more pathos inducing when something happens to a character you and the main  character have quickly grown to care about.

The final part of the book is certainly eventful. I definitely feel like I was kept on my toes, in fact I almost felt like I could have been running through the woods with Eva! The intensity of everything occurring makes you question how happy/sad the ending really is, I mean *slight spoiler* there is death, but as a whole it is a very satisfactory ending which leaves you with a lovely sense of hope for the future.

Overall, I enjoyed this book very much and rate it 5/5. I definitely recommend it and I also really recommend checking out Callum’s blog!


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