Nail Art Without the Tools.

Nail Art Wednesdays Without the Tools.jpg

“When asked for advice by beginners. Know your ending, I say, or the river of your story may finally sink into the desert sands and never reach the sea.” – Isaac Asimov.

When creating nail art you sometimes need to have certain tools, such as different sized brushes and dotting tools, but obviously not everybody has these. You may not even want to invest in the tools if you can getaway without, or if you only do nail art rarely, as a one-off. As a result, I have gathered together a few nail art designs I have created over the years and more recently, all of which do not involve utilising nail art tools. Some of these designs may be familiar from previous posts, but I will also have designs created especially for this one.

Matte black and silver

Firstly, we have this design from my New Year Inspired Nail Art post.

This is a simple design which is just a little more interesting that a single colour covering the nails. I painted the whole nail in a silver nail polish (Rimmel Silver Bullet) and once dry I painted over the top of it with a matte black, leaving a gap at the bottom of the nail so that there is a nice sliver of silver between the cuticle and where the black begins.

Green and multicoloured rhinetstones

This next design has been made more fun with the addition of rhinestones. Similarly, it has also been featured on this blog before as a part of my Rhinestone Nail Art. I simply painted my nails this gorgeous green shade (Seventeen Gel Colour in Emerald Tropics) and stuck  loads of multicoloured rhinestones on the top before it had dried.

Galaxy nails

These galaxy nails are always a favourite and you may be surprised to hear that I didn’t use a single tool to create these, not even a sponge to dab on the nail polish. These also may be recognisable from my Sky Inspired Nail Art last summer.

I started off painting my nails all over with a black nail polish. Next, I found bright and shimmery shades of nail polish in the colours turquoise and purple. For each of these colours I removed the majority of the nail polish from the brush onto the neck of the bottle and dabbed the small bit of polish remaining on the brush onto my nail in specific areas and dabbed about as I pleased. I did this with both colours and then sealed the design with a glittery top coat to make the design more sparkly and to represent stars.

French manicure

The classic French manicure obviously had to be featured here. Some people create it with the use of stickers to help guide them or with a striper, but you can also create it with simply a white nail polish brush from your average nail polish bottle. In this photo I think the only nail I didn’t do freehand was the thumbnail, believe it or not. To create these I used a kit from Sally Hansen and while I did most of it freehand, the kit does actually come with stickers. For more Tip Nail Art please click here.

Half nail.jpg

This final design fits in with my Half Nail, Nail Art, but it is not featured in the post. Rather, it is a simple start to those nails! For this I simply painted my entire nail in one colour (Maybelline Color Show in Bare It All) and used the normal brush from another nail polish to paint half of each nail over the top. I personally find that due to the size of the brush this is easiest to do with the Barry M nail polishes. However, as you can probably tell from my nails, you need a really steady hand to get it exactly right!

So those are my five nail art designs which can be painted without requiring nail tools. Let me know in the comments below which one is your favourite!


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