Review: Dream a Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher.

“‘Chance encounters don’t just happen for no reason,’ he shrugs. ‘There’s always some greater purpose behind them. People come into our lives because they’re meant to – they usually leave when they’re meant to too, but what does it mean when they come back?'” – Giovanna Fletcher.

dream a little dreamToday is Valentine’s Day, so happy Valentine’s Day to you all, and I thought what better to post today than a review of a romance novel? A short while ago I reviewed Fletcher’s You’re the One That I Want and I have now finally gotten round to reading her third book, Dream a Little Dream.

As with all of Giovanna’s books, the cover of this novel is beautiful with its gorgeous gradient background. I hope that all her future work continues to be published in this style to keep with the consistency as her three novels look so pretty on my book shelf.

Dream a Little Dream is the story of Sarah who begins having wonderful dreams of a handsome man she briefly recognises from her past.Thinking she’ll never see this guy again, she looks forward to her dreams every night, but then he appears in her real life…

This is Giovanna’s third romance novel and similar to the previous two, I loved it. Billy and Me is possibly still my favourite of the three, but Dream a Little Dream is definitely a close second. As always, I’ve fallen in love with the characters she has created (well, most of them, ha!) and I greatly enjoyed reading every word she’s written.

I wouldn’t exactly say that I was kept gripped all the way through the novel, but at the same time I was interested in it. The start felt a bit slow, but I didn’t struggle to get into it either and the last third of the book I definitely flew through. It was a very sweet and pleasant read and I reckon that lovers of romance will also enjoy this book.

At the end of her novels, Giovanna always seems to include extra bits at the end which are a really lovely addition to the book. For example, in my review of You’re the One That I Want I mentioned that Giovanna had included a quiz at the end to help you determine which of the guys you want. Meanwhile, in Dream a Little Dream, we were given a snippet of Carly’s past in the form of a short story and the beginnings of a relationship which is revealed in Dream a Little Dream. For those who haven’t read the book, Carly is one of Sarah’s best friends.

There weren’t many shocking moments in the book that surprised me, except one. At the work Christmas party I was very surprised about a certain relationship being exposed, I’ll say no more than that. While there were bits of drama, the rest of the happenings were predictable, although I don’t see this as a bad thing as it all still kept me interested in the story and didn’t at all put me off. Too often I see people describe a story being predictable as something bad, but as long as it’s still written well it’s not. If an author goes with a plot line that is too unique and unpredictable, they risk making the whole story too unrealistic and too out there which people won’t always enjoy either since it makes it unrelateable. As a result of this, the predictability doesn’t bother me, as it just makes the novel flow better and look more true to real life.

Overall, this was a lovely book to read, especially right before Valentine’s Day. I rate this book 5/5 and recommend it to other lovers of Giovanna as well as those who enjoy romance novels.

Have you read Dream a Little Dream, or any of Giovanna’s previous novels? What were your thoughts?


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