Review: Dream a Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher.

“‘Chance encounters don’t just happen for no reason,’ he shrugs. ‘There’s always some greater purpose behind them. People come into our lives because they’re meant to – they usually leave when they’re meant to too, but what does it mean when they come back?'” – Giovanna Fletcher.

dream a little dreamToday is Valentine’s Day, so happy Valentine’s Day to you all, and I thought what better to post today than a review of a romance novel? A short while ago I reviewed Fletcher’s You’re the One That I Want and I have now finally gotten round to reading her third book, Dream a Little Dream.

As with all of Giovanna’s books, the cover of this novel is beautiful with its gorgeous gradient background. I hope that all her future work continues to be published in this style to keep with the consistency as her three novels look so pretty on my book shelf.

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