Lipstick Haul: NARS and Kiko Milano.

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“I believe it’s perfectly normal to love both lipstick and literature, to be a woman who paints her nails while shouting at Question Time.” – Sali Hughes.

Originally, I was going to name this post Feeding my Addiction, but I didn’t want to give off the wrong impression. You see, the addiction I am referring to is the obsessive need I have to constantly buy lipstick. I am now the proud owner of sixty two lipsticks.

I’m actually now on a lipstick ban and I am really struggling. I told myself no more lipstick. Four days later I was about to place an order for some, but was thankfully able to drag myself away at the last minute. Perhaps I should give up lipstick for lent? My bank account would be grateful!

Within the first week of February I had already purchased four lipsticks and two lip liners. All of these products are from two new to me brands as I have never before tried anything by NARS or Kiko Milano. I have been aware of NARS for years, the brand pops up a lot amongst bloggers and YouTubers, but I never knew where I could purchase their products until recently and as a lipstick lover, that’s mostly what I wanted to try. Kiko Milano I had never heard of before until I was working in Boots over Christmas and one of the girls there told me about it after I revealed to her my love of lipstick, so it would have been rude not to at least have a browse on their website…

What exactly did I buy? I hear you ask. Or at least, I hope you did because I’m going to tell you!


NARS Audacious Lipstick in Charlotte:

This one was more of an impulse buy, I’ll be honest. I saw it on the website, looked around for a few swatches and thought, yes, that one. I didn’t even look at any reviews which is surprising as you think I’d be more wary when it costs approximately £20. However, I justified this because I had a code for SpaceNK so that if you spend over £40, you got £10 off and free shipping.

Charlotte is a gorgeous shade of purple in a sleek case which I absolutely love – it’s magnetic! – although impossible to keep fingerprint-free. The lipstick applies fairly easily, though I would advise on using a lip liner, and lasts well. I really like it, but there is one disappointing factor: the smell. It’s noticeable when you put it on your lips which is expected, but I could still smell it under my nose several hours later and it was somewhat off-putting. However, as a way to combat the smell, yesterday I applied a scented, clear lip balm underneath (Maybelline Babylips in Peach Kiss) and it helped a lot! I’m not sure if I would buy any more from this collection, I suppose it depends on the other shades available and if anything catches my eye…


NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella:

Cruella I have heard a lot about, so I had been lusting after it for a while. The colour is an absolutely beautiful shade of red. It is a pencil, so it is one you actually have to sharpen rather than twist up to get more product, so while that might be frustrating, as long as I enjoy the lipstick itself, I’ll be happy. Due to it being a pencil, it is incredibly easy to apply, it’s probably the easiest to apply bright red lipstick ever. 

I have only worn this once thus far, so there are aspects of it I am unsure about at the moment. This is because I wasn’t sure I liked how it felt on the lips and I’m not sure on how long lasting it is because it didn’t last particularly well for me, when I’ve seen others commenting that it lasts all day. Then again, I did have a big meal out at lunchtime the day I wore this, so it may not have been given a fair trial. Nevertheless, I think I need to wear this lipstick a few more times to get a better opinion of it and there is no denying how beautiful the colour is.


Kiko Milano Smooth Temptation Lipstick in 05 and 06:

These two lipsticks were 70% off so it was hard to resist picking up two when you see two shades your love. These are both nude lipsticks with 05 being more pink and 06 being more brown with a pink undertone. In fact, this second one I actually used in my Valentine’s Day Makeup look!

I really like the packaging of these lipsticks because you simply twist them up to use. However, the best thing about them has to be the smell. They have an absolutely gorgeous vanilla scent which I just cannot get enough of! Furthermore, they have a lovely formula as they feel soft on the lips and last well throughout the day, gradually fading, but your lips still remain hydrated and they’re no trouble to reapply, even without a mirror.


Kiko Milano Endless Love Lip Liner in 01 and 05:

I’ll be honest, I don’t use lip liner’s much. I don’t even own many. I now have a grand total of four, two of which my mum gave to me. So, despite being a lipstick collector, I’m not the best judge of lip liner’s. However, it’s never too late to learn.

I grabbed two of the Kiko Milano lip liners, 01 is a bright red shade and 05 is more a berry shade (it does not match the 05 Smooth Temptation lipstick). Considering the amount of red and purple toned lipsticks in my collection, I thought they were pretty good shades to go for. I just wish these products had names! Actually, I think the corresponding lipsticks to the lip liners have names, so the lip liners probably have the same names, but it’s not written on the packaging.

As a said, I’m not the best judge of lip liner, so I don’t it’s hard to judge these when I don’t have much to compare them too and I’ve only used one of them. Hopefully next time I’ll be a little more knowledgeable on lip liners!

As always, I have swatched all of these lipsticks and lip liners. The order they appear below is the same as the order they have been written in above.


T-B: NARS Charlotte and Cruella,  Kiko Milano Smooth Temptation 05 and 06, Endless Love 01 and 05.

Overall, I felt rather disappointed in the NARS products as a whole, but perhaps their lipsticks just aren’t for me? Or perhaps I just need to wear them a little more? I’ve heard lots of other products by them that have a lot of positive reviews including foundation, concealer, blusher and bronzer, so I definitely still want to give all those a try at some point.

I was really impressed with Kiko Milano and will definitely be investing more in their products in the future. I will definitely have to try more of their lipsticks and I’ve also heard good things about their cream eyeshadows floating about (in fact, all their eyeshadows it seems), so I’ll keep an eye out for those too. Fortunately for me, there is a store in Reading which isn’t too far from me so I shall definitely be visiting again and hopefully making lots more purchases!

Have you ever tried these brands before? What were your thoughts on them, especially in relation to their lipsticks? Let me know in the comments below!


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16 thoughts on “Lipstick Haul: NARS and Kiko Milano.

    • driftinglexi says:

      Aw I’m glad! Yes, I’m noticed that! I mean, £25 for an eyeshadow duo?! Yikes. Yes, same, but I’m not as fussed on foundation as I am about lipstick so I can probably live without it, at least for a bit longer anyway!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Jani V says:

    I feel you on the obsession! I too am on a ban for most things (if its a lip color I don’t have I might get it) because there are some things I still need. I am going to tryyyy to survive off samples at least for 2-3 weeks because I spent WAY too much money in the past 2 weeks just on makeup haha

    LOVE those colors you picked up though ❤


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Heer says:

    Hey, I used to love the kiko milano smooth temptation lipsticks in number 04 and 05, but unfortunately, i can’t seem to find them in the store or online anymore. Do you have any dupes in mind for those two colours?


    Liked by 1 person

    • driftinglexi says:

      They’re lovely, right?! But it looks like they must have been discontinued. I don’t own 04, and I must say finding dupes for 05 has been tricky, at least when comparing it to my own lipstick collection. I’ve found some shades which are similar, though none a dupe. The closest I’ve found is Tanya Burr’s Martha Moo which has a matte finish. Otherwise, if you fancy something slightly brighter there’s Revlon’s HD lip color in Devotion, or for something a bit more nude there’s Fleur De Force’s Written in the Stars. Hope this helps!


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