Harry Potter Inspired Nail Art.

Nail Art Wednesdays Harry Potter.jpg

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?” – J.K. Rowling.

For those who have been following my blog, you will have noticed that I have been rereading the Harry Potter series recently (to see my reviews on these books please click here). As a result, I thought that this would be the ideal time to share with you some of the nail art I’ve created over the years inspired by these books.

House stripes

Starting simple, we have the house ties’ stripy design on my nails. I’m sorry about the presence of the DVD’s in all of these photos by the way, but hey, at least I was consistent when taking these photos, right?

I didn’t want to do just one house as I felt like that was too simple, so from left to right we have Hufflepuff (yellow with black stripes), Gryffindor (gold with reds stripes), Ravenclaw (bronze with blue stripes) and Slytherin (silver with green stripes). As always, all of the stripers I used were from the Rio Professional Nail Art Kit. It is also these exact nail polishes I used for the next designs:

House colours checked.jpg

That’s right, more house colours. I don’t know how familiar you may be with my nail art, but you would be correct in assuming that these are not my nails. This was one of those rare occasions where I painted my friend’s nails in preparation for our trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Keeping with the theme of the Hogwarts house colours I painted this design on my thumbnail:

House colours.jpg

I knew that I would never be able to replicate the Hogwarts coat of arms onto my nails, so in the same places they are displayed I swapped the images of the animals for their respective house colours in the same pattern I used on the first design.

Hogwarts uniform.jpg

My final design directly related to Hogwarts is this one, the Hogwarts uniform. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the detail onto the ties with them being so small, but the colour is there so that you can still distinguish between the houses.

As much as Hogwarts is one of the first things that pops into our heads when Harry Potter is mentioned, there are other aspects of this series that come to mind including the Deathly Hallows…

Deathly hallows.jpg

Yes, that’s right, Deathly Hallow nailsor nail… It was a little fiddly to draw within the triangle, so I settled on drawing the design onto just one of them and taking a photo for you all.

Have you done any Harry Potter inspired nails? What kind of designs did you do?

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