Nail Art Using Stamping.

“Be like a postage stamp. Stick to it until you get there.” – Bob Proctor.

Stamping, printing, whatever you like to call it, can allow for that bit of extra precision a brush doesn’t allow and is also perfect for the less advanced.

Obviously, the stamping designs you can do is very dependent on the plate you have and mine are from the Ultimate Rio Professional Nail Art Kit although I’ve only used one of them. The second plate I have is very fruit themed, so I’m sure you can agree that it’s not the most appropriate for this time of year.

stamped hearts.jpg

One design I created using stamping is this lovely heart design which I think would be ideal for Valentine’s day.

I didn’t want to cover the entire nail with hearts, so I thought I would keep it simple and print it over the same side of each nail. Some of the ink didn’t transfer as well as I would have liked, but at the same time I like how on some nails the red ink is a little more faded on the left and it’s like the hearts are gradually appearing the further to the right you go.


stamped stars.jpg

My second design is a sky design. I chose a nail polish which is reminiscent of the night sky and stamped silver stars over the top to make it a bit more 3D as the small specks of glitter from the base nail polish look like more distant stars.

For anyone interested, the background nail polish is Barry M‘s Denim.

stamped bow.jpgThis final design was a tough one to come up with as I really wanted to incorporate a bow somehow and in the past when I’ve tried to do a bow this has happened:

Stamped bows.jpg

I’ve wanted a black bow and then painted black lines either side for the ribbon, but the bow hadn’t come out black enough so it hasn’t looked right. As a result of this, I knew that in future designs I may need to use a different colour or skip the ribbon altogether. As a result, instead of covering all the nails in ribbons like above, I decided to keep it simple and stamp it over a French manicure, whilst using a white nail polish to polka dot over a base of Essie‘s nail polish in Fiji.

As you can see, I have had a little practice with stamping, but I would like to do a bit more, though I think I need to get some more stamping plates first as there are some with really nice patterns on which I’m sure I could do a bit more with.

What are your thoughts on stamping?


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