Lipstick Love: Nudes.

“We all make mistakes. Luckily for us, there are very few mistakes that cant be solved with a suitable application of either lipstick or hand grenades.” – Frances Brown.

Lipstick Love is a new feature on this blog in which I am going to share with you all my love of lipstick by showing you my favourites. Technically, these aren’t all lipsticks, some may be lip glosses, for example, but they will all be lip products which I love.

For the time being, this series is split into four parts for different colour groups: nudes, pinks, purple-tones and reds. However, I do plan to take this series further a little later this year. For now this is going to be a fortnightly series to be posted every other Friday, so if you enjoy this week’s, be sure to check in for the next instalment in two weeks time.


My favourite lipsticks in the order I will be discussing them below and in the same order as the swatches at the end of this post.

As you can tell from the title of this post, this week’s focus is on nudes. A nude lipstick is an essential for everyone as they are ideal for those who are not very into makeup, those who like putting more effort into their eyes and for everyday situations. I have been working in retail recently, so I have definitely gotten a lot of use out of all of my nude lipsticks since they’re definitely the most appropriate for work.


One of my most worn nudes is Rimmel’s The Only 1 Lipstick in the shade Naughty Nude. This is a bit of a darker nude with a neutral pink undertone.

Last year Rimmel released a collection of Lasting Finish lipsticks in various nude shades, but I found that for the most part they were too dark, a bit too pink, or a bit too pale for me, so if you struggled like I did, this shade may be more up your street. Shortly after The Only 1 lipsticks came out I did a review on one of the shades and while the colour is different, other aspects of the lipstick are the same, so to read my review please click here.


Another lipstick I have been wearing a lot is the Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in the shade Sultry. Sultry has a darker pink undertone, making it a darker nude. As a lover of dark lipsticks as a whole, I love having a nude lipstick which is a little dark, yet still subtle on the lips.

This is one of those lip crayons everyone has been loving over the past year or two. At first, I wasn’t keen on the Revlon ones as I found them to be a bit patchy, but when they released new colours I couldn’t help myself and I’m glad I did because I don’t find this shade patchy at all. It goes nicely onto my lips and it stays there really well throughout the day. It also has a lovely minty scent!


Recently, Boots have started selling Nyx Cosmetics, so I decided to try out some of their matte lip creams which I’ve seen people talking about online. After enjoying the first one I bought, I decided to buy a more nude shade and this one is called Abu Dhabi. This is a very brown toned matte nude which I personally think I tend to suit more than the pink toned nudes. If you’ve seen my recent Boots haul you will also know that I only received this product this week, but it has already wormed it’s way into my heart. I’m actually wearing this product today and I love it and how after you put it on it completely mattifies and it goes really well with a dark eye.


Next up I have another lip crayon. This is the Rimmel Colour Rush Balm in Rumour Has It. This is a nude with a  slightly peachy-brown undertone and a more shiny finish. This is not only my oldest nude lip product, but one of my oldest lip products as a whole, as you can probably tell from the photo. I have worn this so much and it is perfect for everyday. This still continues to be one of my favourite ever nudes and bonus: it has a gorgeous vanilla scent to it!


Speaking of vanilla scents, my final favourite nude is a MAC lipstick. Unsurprisingly, this is also a matte lipstick (the only MAC lipsticks I own are in fact all matte) in the shade Velvet Teddy which is described as a deep-toned beige. This lipstick was a recent Christmas present and until I received Abu Dhabi, it’s the only lipstick I have been wearing and I know for sure that I will be getting a lot of use out of this lipstick throughout the year as it is so quick and easy to apply and long lasting.

Now that you’ve heard and seen all of the lipsticks, how about some swatches? If you’re anything like me, the first thing you look for in a lipstick post is swatches, so in the order in which they are mentioned, here are all of the lipsticks:


What is your favourite nude lipstick?

I hope you enjoyed the first instalment in my Lipstick Love series, make sure you’re following me so that you can be made aware of when the next instalment goes up!


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26 thoughts on “Lipstick Love: Nudes.

  1. happyalexx says:

    This was actually really helpful because I am looking for a new matte lipstick. I really love the Revlon Colourburst, I have a different shade but I use it everyday and how I would love a mac lipstick haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    • driftinglexi says:

      Aw thank you so much! Yes, I never actually used to be. I’ve always favoured bright and dark lip colours until I had to wear nude lipsticks for work and then I didn’t want to wear the same one all the time so I began branching out more. Aw, yay, that’s lovely to hear, I hope you enjoy the future posts!


    • driftinglexi says:

      Thank you, lovely! Aw I’m glad to be able to inspire you to go shopping, haha! In my next instalment I will be doing pinks, though they won’t all be bright shades in case you’re interested :-).


    • driftinglexi says:

      Ooh I’m glad you agree! That was the first nude I ever bought and I still love it very much. Yes it’s perfect for everyday wear! Okay, thank you, I will add them to my list! (I have a long list of MAC lipsticks I need to swatch when I’m next at a MAC counter, haha!)


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