Winter Inspired Nail Art.

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” – John Steinbeck.

Now that Christmas and the celebration of the New Year are over, I can focus on more wintry nail art designs. A lot of these I like because they are dark and I love wearing dark nail polishes in winter. Additionally, all of these nail polishes are very cool toned, making them perfect for this season.

black and purple.jpgMatte black.jpgblack and grey spots.jpg

I know I usually do explanations after every photo, but in this case I didn’t feel it was particularly necessary. The first two design involved using a black striper from the Rio Professional Nail Art Kit in order to draw the desired pattern over the top of Barry M‘s Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Blueberry (first photo) and a matte black nail polish (second photo).

For the third nail art design I strayed from the lines, but still stuck to the dark wintry theme with a black and grey nail polish. I painted the nails on each hand a different colour and then used the other colour with a dotting tool to create dots in various sizes at the end of the nail.

The lighting was absolutely terrible with the above photo because I had to try and take it myself whilst also getting both hands in the photo. I ended up using my nose in order to take the photo, haha!

turqoise glitter.jpg

We’re now getting a little more colourful and glittery. This was a design I did before Christmas in 2014 which was both party-ish and wintry without being festive. I was also very impressed with the polishes used in this design because it lasted an entire week without chipping while I was working in Boots.

I think part of why this design lasted so well was because I used Seventeen‘s Gel Colour nail polish first in the shade Emerald Tropics. Once dry, I then painted NYC‘s 206 East Village nail polish over the top and then used Barry M‘s Aqua Glitter on the tips. I absolutely love the colour that this mixture produced.

How do you like your nails in the winter? Dark? Glittery? Both?!

I’ve recently created a gallery for all of my nail art designs which you can check out here.


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