New Year Inspired Nail Art.

Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
Whispering ‘it will be happier’…” – Alfred Lord Tennyson.

I always find that the New Year is the hardest theme to create nail designs for. Of course, I could just cover my nails in glitter, but I wanted to be more creative.

I am going to start with some more subtle designs which I feel would be appropriate for the New Year, so they could also be worn at any time, or for any kind of celebration. However, the latter half of this post will have more New Year specific designs.

Purple pink and blue triangles

This design feels very New Year-ly because of the colour scheme which makes them look perfect for a party without requiring glitter. This is one of my older designs, so I cannot recall the nail polishes I used, but I am pretty sure that most of them are from a Rio Professional Nail Art Kit of some kind.

Matte black and silver.jpg

As you can see, this nail design doesn’t scream new year either. I painted my nails silver (Rimmel‘s Silver Bullet) and used a matte black nail polish over the top (L’Oreal), but painting slightly further down the nail to make an almost half moon shape. I like this design for it’s subtleness and the combination of silver and black which makes it perfect for a night out.

Disco ball.jpg

My third design is what I call a Disco Ball design. As you can tell, this is due to all of the rhinestones covering a whole nail. Originally, I wasn’t going to include this design because I was never very fond of it. However, it did receive positive feedback when I first posted it on Instagram, so I decided to use it. The rhinestones plus the glittery black nail polish are definitely perfect for the New Year with lots of sparkle.

New Year nails.jpg

This next design is another obvious new year one. On the middle finger I’ve done a bright light, like in a club, with rays shooting out. On the other nails I have alternated between glitter (Seventeen‘s Navy Glint) and glasses of champagne using nail polishes from the Rio Professional Nail Art Kit (metallic). The background colour on this set of nails is also by Seventeen and is one of their gel nail polishes in Blue Lagoon, not that you can tell because the photo is in black and white (it just looked better that way).

How are you doing your nails to celebrate the new year?


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