My Year: 2015.

“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.” – Rainer Maria Rilke.

Cliché, I know, but I really cannot believe that this year is only a couple of days away from being over. This year I have noticed that I have reached both ends of the spectrum in terms of whether or not I’ve had a good or bad year. It seems as though for all the good things that have occurred this year, bad things have happened too and it makes me really unsure as to whether I can say I’ve had a good or bad year and saying I’ve had a neutral year just sounds too dull.

I thought that it would be a nice idea to reflect back on my year month by month and perhaps that will help me judge how well my year has gone.


This was the month where I decided to create a Goodreads account and I began to write reviews for all the books I read. I wanted to do this because more often than not I would read books, then months or years later after having read many other books, I would forget how I felt about a particular book unless recently read which felt quite disheartening, especially when others wanted my opinion on a certain book. So basically, January was a month full of reading. It was also the month I bought my first Urban Decay Naked palette and properly fell in love with eyeshadow.


I feel like February was a very sociable month. I had a night out, like clubbing, gasp! According to my diary I also spent a lot of time with family, but also reading. In February I also attended my first concert of the year which was You Me At Six and All Time Low in Birmingham which was absolutely amazing. I’ve seen All Time Low before, but You Me At Six I had been eager to see for years, so I got a little teary when they came on stage.


March was a bit of a meh month. The previous month one of my favourite teachers at college had left for a new job, I was very unhappy at home and there was definitely no shortage of homework assignments and revision to be done for upcoming exams. However, it wasn’t completely bad. On March 1st my best friend’s son was born, so that was really lovely.


The month I relaunched my blog! After enjoying writing reviews on Goodreads, I decided that I wanted to have them all in one place where I could format the posts whatever way I liked. I also hoped that it would enable me to interact with other book lovers more (and it has!). So this month I published my first review on this blog and even a post to introduce the new and improved driftinglexi.


In May I was only publishing posts once a week, although these were always book reviews. My most popular post at this time was my review of All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. When I wasn’t reading and writing reviews I was studying for exams, so it definitely was not my most exciting month, nor was it my best month, but I did get my nails done which was nice since I always do them myself!


Ah, my birthday month. I also happened to have an exam on my birthday which wasn’t the best start. Aside from exams, I had a good month. I had several lovely meals out (pizza, obviously), it was my best friend’s birthday and at her party she had a bouncy castle (we’re nineteen…), the same best friend passed her driving test, I visited Cotswold Wildlife Park and I got a new tattoo. In terms of my blog, this was when I started to introduce the beauty and nail aspect to my blog; however, my post with the most views was The Harry Potter Tag.


I had a little spike in my stats this month, largely due to the Sunshine Blogger Award. However, my personal favourite post for this month, and in fact event, was my trip to Rome which was incredible. I want to go back so badly. If you haven’t seen that post I recommend doing so, in fact I might have to go and reread it again once I’m done with this post since I miss the place so much.


This was an exciting month for me and leads to a couple more of my favourite posts that I’ve written. These are my trips to the Harry Potter Studio Tour and London to see Les Miserables. Have you noticed that all my favourite posts are to do with my experiences? I suppose I’m just sentimental.  August was definitely my most social month, but this is hardly surprising considering it’s summer. Another thing that happened this month is that I opened up to you guys about my struggles with depression and all your support was so lovely and meant so much to me.


September wasn’t my best month, but I did try my best and forced myself to get out and socialise, even if it was with the same three people a couple of times a week. Outside of that I spent a lot of time focussing on my blog and continuing to make improvements and adding useful pages. My most popular post for this month was my review of Girl Online by Zoe Sugg with My Bucket List being a close second which I definitely enjoyed writing and still have yet to add as a page onto my blog… Oops. However, my favourite post of the month was definitely my Harry Potter related one!


October was a very good month for the most part. Firstly, I attended a Fall Out Boy concert at the beginning of the month and I have to say it was probably the best concert I have ever been to. Another big event was a Supernatural convention called Asylum 15 where I met some of my favourite actors who were so incredible and lovely and hilarious. This month I also got a job in Boots and I remember being so happy and now that I’ve been there a couple of months I’ve been really liking it. In terms of my blog, this month I created a Twitter and YouTube account for it and even uploaded my first YouTube video.


I had a big growth in views this month which lead to me achieving my blog goal of reaching two hundred followers a whole month early and in celebration I held a giveaway which then ended up being my most popular post of the month. However, my second most popular post was actually one I had written in October and this was a review of Rimmel‘s The Only 1 Lipstick.


This month still has a couple of days left, so if anything does change I will have to update this, but I doubt it will. At the moment though, my most viewed post still continues to be Rimmel‘s The Only 1 Lipstick and my post on makeup expiration proved popular too. In fact, the latter post is my second most liked post out of them all on this blog. This month has been a busy month with there being Christmas which meant present shopping, plus I did blogmas, set myself a challenge to watch a Christmas movie everyday up until Christmas and volunteered to work loads of extra shifts at work. However, despite being busy, I have found ways to enjoy myself, even if I haven’t had a lot of time for reading.

In terms of books, this year I have managed to read 57 books. I am very happy with this figure because I had set my reading challenge for this year on Goodreads to 50, so I have definitely achieved that! Perhaps next year I need to challenge myself a little more…

As a whole I have had a pretty good year and I’m so glad that through everything I have been fortunate, or even unfortunate, enough to experience, I’ve been able to share with all of you. 2015 is almost over and I hope all of you have had an amazing year too. The New Year may be only a couple of days away, but here’s a premature Happy New Year to all of you!

What have been your highlights of this year?


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