Review: The Ladybird Book of Dating by Jason Hazeley.

The Ladybird Book of DatingThis is a very different kind of book to those I usually read and have written reviews for on this blog. However, since I started writing reviews earlier this year, I’ve really enjoyed it and now I just want to review everything I read, no matter how big or small, relevant or irrelevant it may appear to this blog.

The Ladybird Book of Dating was a Christmas present from one of my best friends. Needless to say, but I haven’t been in many relationships, in fact, I’ve only been in one. As a result of this, it is pretty clear why someone would pick out this book for me.

However, it isn’t my friend being mean or anything as I found it rather funny and somewhat enjoyable to read. Also it has pictures and a very large font, which makes it extremely quick to flick through.

This is a lovely, fun present to receive and fun fact: my friend actually bought me two other books in addition to this, but I had actually already owned and read them which I found hilarious (these were All the Bright Places and We Were Liars). I love reading books, obviously, but it must be so difficult to choose for me. Part of the reason I rarely buy people books is the fact that you don’t always know what someone has or hasn’t read.

Overall, this book was enjoyable and I liked it. I never know how to rate shorter books like this and the ones with more humour as there isn’t much writing for me to actually comment on and I’m not really used to reviewing this genre, so I’m going to give it a rating of 3/5.

Did you receive any books for Christmas?


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