A LUSH Christmas.

“The Christmas tree, twinkling with lights, had a mountain of gifts piled up beneath it, like offerings to the great god of excess.” – Tess Gerritsen.


As you can probably guess from the title, I have been ordering some bath products from LUSH, all from their Christmas range. I hurried to place my order last week because I wanted to have them before Christmas and especially before the range is gone for another year.

I have never been someone who buys loads of bath bombs etc. despite the fact I love them. However, since I have been working a lot lately, I felt the need to treat myself. So, yesterday six bath bombs and two bubble bars arrived for me. I did intend to take photos of them all before using anything, but last night after work I could not resist, so I will begin with that one.

Bar Humbug.jpg

The already broken LUSH product in this photo is the Bar Humbug Bubble Bar. Crumble this bar under your tap for a gorgeous purple coloured bath with lovely bubbles. Also, what I love about bubble bars in contrast to bath bombs is that you can easily get several uses out of them since they’re easier to break and divide. This bath bomb in particular I should get a good four uses out of the way I’m going. What surprises me about this bubble bar is the scent and how much I like it because it smells a bit like liquorice which I actually hate.

Candy Mountain.jpg

Staying with bubble bars, the second one I bought is the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar. This bubble bar is in a shape of a mountain and smells deliciously sweet. I was also surprised to have been drawn to this product because it is white and pink and anyone who knows me knows that I really don’t like the colour pink.  So, despite the colour, I cannot wait to use this bubble bar!

Now onto bath bombs which I must say is the most exciting part for me. First up is Star Dust which I firstly love because it is in the shape of a star.

Star Dust.jpg

Unfortunately, because I haven’t actually used any of these bath bombs I am mentioning ever before, it is difficult to describe them, especially when just because something is one colour on the outside, you don’t know if it’s going to be the same on the inside. All I can say about everything I will be mentioning is that I am very excited to use all of these products.

Shoot for the Stars.jpg

Secondly, we have Shoot for the Stars which I must say I was attracted to since I first saw it online and come on, stars!. Normally, I will give a product a little sniff to ensure I like it before I consider buying it, even online, but I knew straight away that this bath bomb was too pretty not to get. I am so excited to use it, but I hate knowing that I can only use it once.

Father Christmas.jpg

Thirdly, this bath bomb is Father Christmas. Seriously, it looks just like him (until you dump him in the bath that is). Similar to the previous one, I bought it without having smelt it, I just knew that I wanted it. Plus, out of all the bath bombs, this one is the most Christmassy, so I just had to have it. Since today is Christmas Day, I shall definitely be using this in my bath tonight.


My fourth bath bomb is called Butterbear. It’s in the shape of a bear, how cute! I have seen a lot of people loving this particular bath bomb this season, so I had to get it in order to see what the fuss is about! If it wasn’t Christmas today I think it’s incredibly likely that I would have selected this one for today’s bath instead.


Cinders is my fifth bath bomb. Originally, I wasn’t going to buy this as after reading the discription online I wasn’t sure I would like it, but after a trip into my local LUSH store, I gave it a sniff and decided to order it too. This is smaller than the other round bath bombs, but I bet that doesn’t affect how great it will be when I watch it explode in the bath!

So White.jpg

The final product and bath bomb I bought is So White. This is another one I have been seeing a lot of online this year which of course just makes me all the more excited to try it out myself!

Have you been purchasing anything from LUSH this season? Let me know your favourite products!

Since it is Christmas, this technically concludes blogmas for this year. However, I did actually miss a couple of days, mostly due to illness. For the most part, I am caught up, except for one post, as a result I will post that tomorrow, so you have one more blogmas post to look forward to still.

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