Christmas Inspired Nail Art #4

Nail Art Wednesdays Christmas.jpg

“When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things – not the great occasions – give off the greatest glow of happiness.” – Bob Hope.

Unfortunately, this is the final post of my Christmas Inspired Nail Art series. If you haven’t yet seen my previous posts in this series please click herehere and here for part one, two and three respectively.

I really hope that these posts have inspired you to do your own Christmas nail designs whether these have been influenced by ones I have done, or are completely different. If so, please feel free to leave links to your own Christmas nails in the comments, or tag me in photos on Twitter and Instagram (my links for which are at the bottom of this post).

Alike to part one and two of this Christmas series, I am going to start off with a Christmas tree design:

Glitter and Christmas tree.jpg

Here is a Glittery Christmas Tree design where I used glitter in place of tinsel on the tree.

The glitter I used was a top coat by Rimmel named Mistletoe Mischief. The nails on my ring and index finger have this top coat layered on a couple of times to ensure that I could get the biggest and most glitter possible onto my nail in order to make it really sparkly and when organising the glitter on my other nails I simply fiddled around with the brush from the nail polish, although I would advise using a toothpick instead.

The base polish on my nails is Barry M‘s Lychee and the green nail polish is Chine Glaze‘s Paper Chasing which is a lovely green with a little bit of sparkle, making it very festive.

Christmassy Snowflakes.jpg

This next design is a set of Christmassy Snowflakes.

I am not sure if this sparkly red nail polish exists anymore or not as I received it for Christmas a few years ago. All it says on the bottle is that it is by Revlon, so it may have been limited edition for Christmas, or it may have been discontinued. However, these days so many brands have such similar shades of nail polish, that finding a dupe shouldn’t be too hard.

For the snow on the nails  I used my white striper and dotting tool from the Rio Professional Nail Art Kit. To create the detail in the snowflake I used the striper to draw a plus sign (+) and x over the top of each other. Next, on the ends of each line, I painted two horizontal lines. For the rest of the snow, I simply used my dotting tool and placed dots over varying sizes across the rest of my nails.


My final design of my Christmas nail series is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

To create this design I used Tanya Burr‘s nail polish in Penguin Chick which is a gorgeous brown shade and also the only brown nail polish I own. I then used my black striper for the antlers and black, white and a red nail polish on a dotting tool in order to create the eyes and the nose. For this detail, my black, white and red nail polish all came from Rio Professional Nail Art Kit‘s which means that the dotting tool was built into the packaging of the nail polish bottles.

I cannot believe that this is my final set of Christmas nails and that tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I have yet to decide still how I will be wearing my nails for Christmas Day, what about you?

Which nail design out of those you have seen in this post and others has been your favourite?

If you haven’t yet seen my other Christmas nail art posts, please click here.

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