Review: Christmas With Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher.

Christmas with Billy and Me.jpg“Sometimes words are unnecessary. Occasionally they can’t match up to the mammoth feelings churning away through out veins. Every now and then, silence is best, for it speaks louder than any vowel, consonant or syllable ever could.” – Giovanna Fletcher.

Since reading Giovanna’s first book, Billy and Me, I have always been itching for more Billy and Sophie. It took me a while to get around to reading this, and whenever I did have time it wasn’t exactly the right time of year, until today.

Christmas with Billy and Me is ideal for those who greatly enjoyed Billy and Me, although I do not feel that it is essential that you read that first. Sure, you won’t understand the references to Molly, but I still think that the book can be enjoyable and will definitely make you feel more Christmassy.

I also love that Giovanna didn’t write a whole sequel to her first novel, just this little short, Christmassy story; the perfect amount. It gives us a little extra, so that we can see what Billy and Sophie’s lives are like now, without going too far. Also, the ending leaves it so that we can see where their future is heading which is lovely.

Reading this short story I fell back in love with the characters I had almost forgotten about since it’s been so long. I also haven’t been feeling particularly Christmassy lately, so this book has succeeded in raising my Christmas spirit a bit. Additionally, I love that Giovanna decided to include tips at the end of the book for feeling more festive too, again, a wonderful extra touch!

Anyone that has been following my reviews for a while knows that I love a sense of mystery which this book definitely holds. Unsurprisingly, I guessed who The Proposer was before it actually happened, but I prefer it like that because *slight spoiler* throughout this book we have seen the couple interacting, therefore making the ending very happy and heart-warming for us all. I mean, seeing people closer to us happy is far more likely to put a smile on our faces than seeing strangers happy, right?

Overall, this was a beautiful, Christmas story and I really liked it, so I rate it 4/5.

Have you been reading any Christmassy books for the festive season? Let me know in the comments below!

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