Festive Favourites: Nail Polish.

“Nothing ever seems too bad, too hard or too sad when you’ve got a Christmas tree in the living room. All those presents under it, all that anticipation. Just a way of saying there’s always light and hope in the world.” – J.D. Robb.

This week I think everyone has suddenly started feeling a lot more festive, even though some people were already in the Christmas mood a month ago. As a result, instead of sharing with you my favourite nail polishes for winter, I am going to show you my favourites for the Christmas period (believe me, they do differ).

One of the main differences between my Christmas and winter nail polishes is glitter. Christmas is the only time of the year in which I love packing on as much glitter as possible onto my nails. Any other time of the year I hate glitter because it is such a pain to remove, but at Christmas I can justify this little nuisance and don’t mind putting the extra effort in. This means that you can expect to see a lot of glitter throughout this post.

Christmas nail favourites.jpg

Pictured above are my five favourite nail polishes for Christmas, but now let’s go through them in a little more detail.

Revlon glittery red nail polishThe first nail polish pictured on the left is by Revlon. Unfortunately, I am not sure that this nail polish is sold anymore, in fact it may have been limited edition for Christmas a few years ago, or even discontinued. This nail polish also doesn’t has a name which supports that it was only around for Christmas.

This is a lovely Christmassy red nail polish. It’s slightly dark, but it has a subtle shimmer to it. I’m actually wearing it on my nails this week, so I took a photo.

Tpaper chasinghe second nail polish is China Glaze‘s Paper Chasing. A year ago I was searching for the perfect green nail polish and I came across Paper Chasing. I was actually semi-disappointed when receiving this nail polish because I didn’t realise that it had little bits of glitter in it which gave it a slight shimmer. However, I grew to love it because it was very Christmassy.

My third favourite nail polish is a recent buy which I have quickly come to love. This is a Rimmel top coat in Mistletoe Mischief, a picture of which is over on my Instagram. I have been disappointed with Rimmel‘s top coats before, but this one is gorgeous because you can easily brush lovely large pieces of glitter onto your nails. Also, this glitter is a really pretty mixture of gold, bronze and silver pieces.

This fourth nail polish is another top coat, but this time by Barry M in Diamond Glitter. Now, who doesn’t love a Barry M nail polish? This top coat is no exception. It gives you lovely pieces of silver glitter in varying sizes, although it isn’t too difficult to sift through the tiny bits for the bigger ones.

My final favourite Christmas nail polish is also by Barry M in Denim. Similar to the aforementioned Revlon and China Glaze nail polishes, this is one of those polishes which I tend to only really use around Christmas. This nail polish is a lovely blue shade with a purple tone to it and glitter with a weird, almost matte finish, yet it’s still glittery. This is one of those nail polishes which is difficult to describe. If you’re interested in seeing a design I did with this nail polish to get a better look at the colour, please check out this post and the nail polish was used in the second design.

Those are my five favourite nail polishes for this festive season, what are yours?

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