Christmas Inspired Nail Art #1

Nail Art Wednesdays Christmas

“My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?” – Bob Hope.

To celebrate Christmas, I am going to be doing a four part nail series throughout December. This means a Christmassy nail art post every Wednesday leading up until Christmas. Within these posts I am going to have a mixture of nail designs inspired by this festive season, so make sure you’re following in order to keep up with them all!

We’re going to start off this series with my oldest Christmas nail designs. These were done two years ago, so not only is my nail painting ability likely to be a little rough, but the camera quality is likely to be rather poor. However, I can reassure you, that there will be improvement over this nail series.

Simple dots and christmas tree.jpg

My first Christmas design is a simple Christmas tree with simple, Christmassy dots around the tip of my nails. To make it Christmassy, I alternated the colour of the dots between red and green.

Warning: throughout this series you may be seeing lots of different variations of Christmas trees.

To create these nails I painted all of them white (any white nail polish will do). For all of the details I used nail polishes from the original Rio Professional Nail Art Kit by using the green, red and silver dotting tools and green striper. I tried using the silver dotting tool in order to create a little star on top of the tree, but I wasn’t all that successful.


This second design I was very proud of: presents! Those bows definitely went a whole lot better than expected and could have come out a whole lot worse. Painting curved, especially circular, lines with a striper is rather hard, after all.

Also, the good thing about presents is that due to the incredibly wide range of wrapping paper designs, you can recreate this design in whatever way you want.

Above I used a slightly, glittery red nail polish by Revlon, but you can really use any colour. For the ribbon I used my white striper from the kit mentioned in the previous design, though of course, you can use whatever colour striper you please!

Due to the fact that I don’t know how many Christmassy nail designs I will be able to create this month, I am going to restrict this post to three designs, to ensure that all of the posts for this nail series have at least three nail designs each. So, my final nail design for this post is…



I didn’t really have a shade of nail polish which truly reflected the colour of gingerbread, so I went for a pretty, light gold shade as I had nothing darker. This is Umberto Giannini‘s Printed Lady, Lady Luscious nail polish. I love this nail polish as it just feels so Christmassy.

To make the nails appear more gingerbread-like, I created buttons, like those on a gingerbread man. Of course, on gingerbread men, this is made out of coloured icing, or Smarties, but I can’t put chocolate on my nails, so I selected my smallest dotting tool to apply a single red and a single green dot, one above the other, on each nail. Gingerbread men also tend to have icing on their faces, and sometimes around their arms and legs, so I used my previously mentioned white striper to paint a wavy line to mimic that design of icing on a gingerbread man.

I must say, it’s so lovely to get back into the swing of writing my Nail Art Wednesday posts and now with a Christmas spin on them. After taking a few weeks break from them in November, I didn’t realise I would miss writing these posts so much, but I did and they must be one of my favourites to write; I love sharing my nail designs with you all.

Please let me know in the comments below which design was your favourite and if there are any parts of Christmas you’d like to see represented on my nails.

Also, don’t forget to follow this blog to ensure that you don’t miss out on my future Christmassy nail designs which will be posted every Wednesday up until Christmas. Another way to stay up to date is by following me on any of my social media accounts linked below.

I hope to see you all again next week for my Christmas Inspired Nail Art #2.


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14 thoughts on “Christmas Inspired Nail Art #1

  1. LyfWithEm says:

    I do love your nail design, and admire you for how good you are! I absolutely suck at painting nails, but I enjoy seeing your pictures and reading about it. Very excited for the second Christmas Nail Art 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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