“I don’t want to rule the universe. I just think it could be more sensibly organised.” – Eliezer Yudkowsky.

I love being organised. I love creating schedules and planning events and making lists, and so it is no surprise that the time has come for me to share how I stay organised. This post is not just restricted to my blogging life, but how I stay organised in all aspects of my life, so forgive me if this gets incredibly long.


I feel that it is important to have at least one or the other, though I actually use both.

Inside of my diary (from Paperchase).

Inside of my diary (from Paperchase).

I have a diary with a day by day view, which I aim to fill in at the end of each week. I do this as a way to reflect on my week and determine how much I have accomplished.

I always intend to do something productive every day of the week, whether this be social, work, or blog related, so my need to see something written down each day of the week motivates me to do something.


Screenshot of the calendar on my phone.

I also use a calendar on my phone. I use this to keep track of things I need to do outside of the house.

This means going to work, social events and appointments are all recorded in the calendar on my phone.

My calendar is further organised through colour coding and little icons relating to who I am with and the occasion.


Notebook from Paperchase.


As a blogger I find notebooks especially useful. I use an average A5 sized notebook especially for blogging. Inside I have a list of potential posts I’m going to write in the future, a list of nail designs I want to do, a list of upcoming posts I want to write on which days and so on.


Inside of my notebook. As you can see, my planning does not always go to plan. Also, a sneak peak at upcoming posts.

I plan what I am writing a post for roughly a month in advance, so I already know what post I want to write on December 12th (which would be none because it’s a Saturday and I don’t write on Saturdays). This means that I am never worrying about what I am going to write about and when I do get “blogger’s block” I have still got time ahead of me to find some kind of inspiration for a post.


“A Peek into My Week” notepad by Jonathan Adler.

I also use more specialised notepads. This first one I use so that I can have a week-view of the posts I plan to publish. I used to also use this pad to keep track of the TV shows I have to watch on particular days, but I have an app for that now on my phone, so it’s nice to keep the two separate.

However, the good thing about this is that it is an example of another way in which this notepad can be used. You don’t just have to be a blogger to be organised, of course!


“Supplies” notepad by Jonathan Adler.

This second pad I use to keep track of things I want/need to buy; it’s currently mostly full of makeup items. Again, this isn’t something specific for a blogger, unless it’s for products you need for a particular post. In fact, this notepad is really good for this time of year because we are approaching Christmas.

IMG_0042Post-it notes:

Now, who doesn’t love post-it notes? Okay, love may be stretching it a bit. However, they are extremely useful and you can get more specialised ones according to what you need them for.

As you can see I have a few and I use them surprisingly a lot. Just last night I was fumbling around in the dark for my sticky notes and a pen to note down an idea for a blog post; you never know when inspiration is going to strike!. Even more surprisingly, when I woke up this morning I was actually able to read my handwriting.


When you’re on the go, or just not in the mood to write anything down, apps can be extremely useful. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Google Keep – basically a way to make sticky notes on your phone which can be backed up online and can also be used offline. I used this a lot for making lists, planning and setting reminders.
  • TOPICS – I used this app a lot in college as a way to organise assignments. However, it is very useful for making to-do lists and my mum loves it for meal planning and creating shopping lists.
  • Goodreads – how else am I supposed to keep track of all the books I read?
  • Spending Tracker – a good way to keep track of all of the money you’re spending and what you’re spending it on. I used to be really good at keeping up to date with this, but lately I keep forgetting to log it in.
  • TV Show Favs – this is possibly one of those apps I use the most because it is how I keep track of TV shows. It tells me what I need to watch and when I have done so I can tick it off and it will also show me upcoming episodes and when they air.

As you can see, I have multiple ways of being organised and they all organise different areas of my life (though some overlap) and I have different uses for basically all of them. I have the feeling that this post will either highlight my excessive organisation of everything and make me appear strange, or preferably, you’ll be able to take something away from this post e.g. a new app for your phone.

How do you stay organised?

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23 thoughts on “Organisation.

  1. LyfWithEm says:

    This was such a useful post! You really are organised! I’m quite an organised person, but I really only use 3 things – my school planner to keep up to date with homework, projects, tests and all school stuff, a calendar for my personal events and meeting up with friends and stuff and then a notebook for blogging post ideas and goals. So yeah 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • driftinglexi says:

      Aw I’m so glad! I wasn’t sure if it would actually appeal to anyone or just myself, haha! And this isn’t even all of the ways I organise things – oops – though some of it is a little repetitive. That’s a good way to stay organised, everything is separate so you can always make sure you’re doing something for the three key areas.

      Liked by 1 person

      • driftinglexi says:

        Yeah at the beginning it’s best just to let yourself settle in, but once you’ve got the hang of it and know what you’re doing it’s so much easier to plan what kind of posts you want to do. I’ve planned all of my posts now for the rest of this year except for my Tag Tuesday ones, ha.

        Liked by 1 person

      • LyfWithEm says:

        I often schedule my posts. Recently I like to have my posts scheduled at least 5 days in advance, but if there’s a diary type post and I want to get something off my chest about how my day has been, I’ll just double-post, or reschedule the other posts behind a day. I find it useful and much less stress free this way 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • driftinglexi says:

        That’s what I often tend to do. Sometimes I am a little disorganised, like today, and my posts go out a little later though as I usually try and post at 6pm. Yes, usually the more diary-like ones are a spur of the moment decision, and obviously those posts can’t be delayed. It definitely is! I hate rushing in the evening to get a post done because obviously I want it out on time, but I also have to make it good quality which is why there have been instances where a post has gone out after midnight (oopsie).

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Closingwinter says:

    I use Google Keep too and the calendar on my phone. My boyfriend and I have separate ones but we can see each other’s which is handy when booking appointments 😁
    At work I’m a fan of the post-it, Outlook and Tasks! X

    Liked by 1 person

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