Halloween Inspired Nail Art.

Nail Art Wednesday Halloween.jpg

“I wish every day could be Halloween. We could all wear masks all the time. Then we could walk around and get to know each other before we got to see what we looked like under the masks.” – R. J. Palacio.

It is almost Halloween so it is finally time for me to share with you all of my Halloween nail designs!

Halloween pumpkin

Spooky pumpkin.

As I mentioned in my autumnal nails post, I wasn’t going to stop at a plain pumpkin; I was going to make it spooky!

This is a design I actually created, I believe, last Halloween. Obviously, you could do pumpkins on all of your nails, but I decided to keep it simple and make my other nails a tad stripy. Orange and black are the perfect colour combination for Halloween.

Halloween nails

Creepy nails. Spider webs, eyeballs and, of ,course, Frankenstein’s monster. Lots of creepy aspects of Halloween (or in some cases, daily life), all on one hand!

Furthermore, you can’t do Halloween without some kind of sickly, bright green being included in the colour mix, hence Frankenstein’s monster.

The spiderwebs are definitely not my favourite aspect of this design, but I do quite like the ghost which can simply be made with just black nail polish on a dotting tool over a white nail.


Mummies. When Halloween comes about and I start thinking about monsters, mummies are one of those creatures which I always happen to forget about. Nevertheless, they haven’t been forgotten this year!

As you can tell, a black striper is a rather crucial tool for this design in order to outline all of the bandages. These do not need to be drawn in a particularly specific way, they can be rounded and as long as none of the lines don’t cross over other lines, you’re good.

Before beginning the lines, make you you use your striper to paint on a black triangle in the middle of the nail so that you have somewhere for a few pairs of creepy, glowing eyes on your nails which can be created used a dotting tools of two different sizes dipped into white and red nail polish.

spooky eyes

Spooky eyes.

These nails were inspired by cutepolish who created a video tutorial with ten different Halloween nail designs. One of these were the spooky eyes pictured to the left which I decided to recreate all over the nail. If you watch the video you will also be able to tell that my mummy design above was also a recreation of one of cutepolish’s designs.

To create this design, paint your nails black. Then with a white dotting tool place overlapping dots in pairs over the nail. With a small dotting tool, pick a bright nail polish (I chose red, orange and green) to place two dots within each white dot, giving you a pair of glowing eyes.

halloween nails 2

This last design is possibly my favourite. These are just some general Halloween nails.

From the little finger clockwise we have: candy corn, a spider web, Dracula (or any vampire of your choice), another spider web and a skull. Except for Dracula, these designs were inspired by the video mentioned above.

In order to recreate Dracula:

  • Paint your nail white.
  • With a black striper create the hair by drawing the top of a heart at the top of the nail and colouring the top in.
  • Next, using a large dotting tool place two red dots roughly halfway down the nail with a gap in-between.
  • Use the black striper again to draw lines above the red spots to create eyebrows, then a longer horizontal line near the tip of the nail for a mouth.
  • By now the red spots should be dry, so dip a slightly smaller dotting tool into black polish and place a dot within each red dot.
  • Using the striper again, use a little bit of black nail polish to create two upside down triangles using the line you painted for a mouth to create fangs.
  • Finally, using a further two dotting tools, each smaller than the last, place a white, and a black when the white is dry, dot in the centre of each eye.

I hope you enjoyed my Halloween nails and my explanations are sufficient. Please let me know which Halloween design was your favourite in the comments.

Happy Halloween!


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