Supernatural Convention: Asylum 15.

“Family don’t end with blood, boy.”

At the weekend I attended a Supernatural convention known as Asylum 15 which took place in the UK, more specifically, in Birmingham. The event was run by Rogue Events and I have attended a few of their conventions in the past, so I kind of knew what to expect in advance.

A great deal of people I know have never been to a convention before, so I am going to describe it as best as I can. The people who run the event book guests for the convention and these guests tend to be actors from the show the event is dedicated to. For example, this convention had guests from the TV show Supernatural and the event presented as many opportunities as possible for us to interact with them. This included stage talks (Q&A’s), photos, in-person autograph signings and meet and greets. Of course, all of this comes at a price, so things such as photos, meet and greets and extra autographs come at an additional cost to your ticket.

All guests 2For Asylum 15, our guests were:All guests

  • Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer).
  • Osric Chau (Kevin Tran).
  • Jewel Staite (Amy Pond).
  • Kim Rhodes (Sheriff Jody Mills).
  • Kathryn Newton (Claire Novak).
  • Briana Buckmaster (Sheriff Donna Hanscum).
  • Chad Lindberg (Ash).
  • Tyler Johnston (Samandriel).
  • Adam Rose (Aaron Bass).

I was extremely excited for this convention because not only had I never been to a Supernatural convention before, but I was getting the opportunity to meet some incredible actors I had admired for a long time.

Me and Mark PellegrinoThe top of my list was Mark Pellegrino, an actor who appears to keep popping up in a lot of the shows I watch. He was in LOST, The Returned and Dexter and it was always unexpected, so I have been a fan since 2010 (I didn’t get into TV until late 2009, so I ended up watching a lot of TV shows long after they had originally started). It was so amazing having Mark there, he was definitely one of my highlights of the convention and did not disappoint. Mark was hilarious, he had me crying with laughter before 10 am on the Saturday and on the Sunday afternoon as the convention was drawing to a close and everyone was tired and/or hungover he managed to make us forget about that with by making us all laugh hysterically. Because of how much I admire Mark, I did get a photo with him and I absolutely love it. Due to the way the queue was organised, most photos were done on his left, but I asked to go on his other side and he said “that’s my favourite side”. Mark is pretty tall, not that you can tell in my photo though because I was wearing the tallest shoes I could get my hands on, which meant borrowing them from my best friend.

Next on my list was Kim Rhodes. This is a name I am sure many of you are familiar with, or would at least recognise a photo of. This is because she played Carey Martin, the mum, in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody on Disney Channel. Is it any wonder now that I was excited to meet her? I mean, the first episode of this show aired ten years ago in 2005 now! I was eight years old. Imagine telling my eight years old self that in a decade and a few months, that woman on your TV, you’ll get to meet. So, naturally, the child in me was greatly anticipating the chance to meet her. Like Mark, Kim didn’t let me down one bit. She was so enthusiastic and positive and happy, she was bursting with energy. When my friend and I went for our photo she was so please to see us and at the autographs she gave us an extra hug, she was amazing. Even in her talks she was hilarious and energetic and I’m so glad that I can say that I’ve met her.

Me and Adam RoseAnother of those guests I was pretty excited to meet was Adam Rose. Adam was in an episode in season eight named “Everybody Hates Hitler”. This is honestly one of my favourite episodes which you can tell because it is one of my most memorable ones from season eight. As a result of this, I was really happy when a week and a half before the convention he was announced as a guest and my happiness only increased from here when he favourited three of my tweets in one evening and followed me. In addition to acting, Adam is becoming increasingly involved on YouTube and presents a series called “That’s a First”, a video for which is attached to yesterday’s blog post. Adam was incredibly lovely and funny and his uncertainty towards the ghost hunting during one of the stage talks only made him more lovable. In all honestly, as much as I enjoyed watching that part of the talk, I wouldn’t have been entirely comfortable in his position either and that talk led to a very deep conversation on life and death and the paranormal on our journey home afterwards. For Adam’s photos he dressed up in a Chewbacca costume which was really cool and I must admit, incredibly soft!

Me and Osric ChauI have gone into depth now with some of the highlights and guests of the event, but I won’t talk about every guest in as much detail, or I could go on forever. As one would expect, Osric Chau was hilarious, but it wasn’t all laughs. During one of Osric’s talks he spoke about his past and growing up and it was incredibly moving; the whole room had tears in their eyes. I think one thing that fans forget sometimes is that actors are people too who experience their own ups and downs and just because they display such positivity and happiness and have what is seen an an incredible job, doesn’t mean it has always been that way.

During the autographs, Kim wasn’t the only one I interacted with and had a hug from. Jewel Staite was by far the sweetest at the autographs and as someone who’s pregnant I was very impressed that she attended the event at all considering she had to travel to the UK. Adam again was also very sweet, I kept thanking him for following me etc. on twitter and told him that I enjoyed his vlogs and then he was thanking me and it was so lovely (my friend and I also had to go back for a hug at the end). Similarly, Osric and Tyler were very willing to give us hugs. I also found it a little funny how Chad signed all the autographs “Ash”, as if any Supernatural fan wouldn’t realise who he was!

This next thing isn’t something that happened at the convention, but on the way there and I am including it because it made me incredibly happy. If you’re reading this you’re likely to be a Supernatural fan, which means you’re also likely to be aware of the Supernatural Parody by the Hillywood Show (if you are not aware of it I will include a link further on in this post). On the way to Birmingham, my friend and I were listening to this parody in the car and I tweeted about it and what did not only the Hillywood Show twitter account, but Hilly Hindi, the main actress in all of the parodies, do? They both retweeted it! This may sound like a small thing, but it had set my weekend off to an amazing start and I still cannot believe it as I have been a fan since they created their Harry Potter and The Vampire Diaries parodies (which you also have to check out along with their Doctor Who one).

The day after the convention (Monday) I ended up waking up at 2 pm. Oops. And I posted onto Instagram some photos from the convention and to add further to my excitement, Chad Lindberg liked it and was first to do so and then so did Adam Rose.

I honestly cannot believe all of the happiness this convention has brought me and it’s amazing what good a few days away from home with the SPN Family can do you. I have now attended a total of four conventions, all hosted by Rogue Events, and I have to say that Asylum 15 has been my absolute favourite.

Now, I think I am setting a new record for longest post with this one, so I’ll be ending this here.

Have you ever been to a convention of any kind?

Are you a Hillywood Show fan? If so, which parody is your favourite?

Let me know in the comments!


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