Music Inspired Nail Art.

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” – Victor Hugo.

Today for Nail Art Wednesday we are dipping into the theme of music. Now, we all have very different music tastes, how can we not when there is such a broad range of music genres and artists? As a result of this, these music nails are not inspired by any particular bands or singers, but just music in general.

This past week has been very busy and half of it I spent away from home. This means that I haven’t had many opportunities for nail painting. Because of this, today’s nail art is going to a be a five-in-one design. Each nail on my hand is going to have a different design, so you can take each design and replicate it on each nail for a more complete look, which I would have done given the time to do so.

Music in black and whiteTo the right is an image of all the nail designs displayed on one hand and I am going to go through them clockwise, starting with my little finger:

  1. A single musical note.
  2. A collection of smaller musical notes randomly placed over the nail.
  3. Piano/keyboard keys.
  4. Sheet music.
  5. Piano.

For each design I used the same nail polish and the designs are very easy to replicate because I only used two tools:

  • White nail polish.
  • Black nail polish from the Rio Professional Nail Art Kit. The good thing about this polish is that is is both a striper and dotting tool in one.

As you can see in the image above, the striper was necessary for each nail design in order to join the dots on the musical notes and to draw the piano keys and lines for the sheet music. Meanwhile, the dotting tool was only used for the musical notes.

MusicWhich of these five music inspired nail art designs is your favourite?

Next week I will be presenting my Halloween nail designs, so please follow me to be alerted to when those are published. For a sneak peak throughout the next week, please follow my Instagram and Twitter which will be linked below.

As always, if there is any kind of nail design you’d be interested in seeing, please drop a suggestion in the comments below or on any of my social media accounts.


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