Review: Submarine by Joe Dunthorne.

“I love you more than words. And I am a big fan of words.” – Joe Dunthorne.

submarineIf I can help it, I will always try and read a book before watching the movie. As a result, since Submarine is one of my best friend’s favourite films, I decided to buy the book so that I could read it first. Ever since I bought it over a month ago she has been encouraging me to read it so that I can watch the film, so I bumped it up a bit in my reading stack and finally got around to reading it this weekend.

I didn’t actually have a clue what to expect going into this book. I just knew that over the years I had heard it mentioned by several of my friends and that is what urged me to read it.

I am not exactly sure how to describe this book. I would classify it as a young adult coming-of-age book. It follows the life of fifteen year old Oliver Tate who lives in Wales and his experiences of having a girlfriend, losing his virginity and trying to keep his parents together.

Oliver was an interesting character. There was times that I really didn’t like him because he become really involved in matters which didn’t really concern him and I found him to be rather meddling. However, he was a good narrator and I really loved his fascination with words. I feel like I’ve learnt some new ones, although I doubt I’ll be able to remember any.

I must admit, I was pretty disappointed in this book. It didn’t suck me into it, I just read it to get through it and because it was only 290 pages. Oliver was very strange and I didn’t really understand why he would do a lot of what he was doing, his actions didn’t seem rational. Furthermore, lots of people have described this book as being funny, but I found the humour not to be to my taste.

Overall, I consider this book to be a disappointment and rate it 2/5. The book was okay, but not one I would really recommend. I have heard that the movie is a lot better though, so at least for my friend’s sake, I will watch that.

What were your thoughts on this book?


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