Autumn Lipstick Favourites.

“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.” – Lauren DeStefano.

autumn lipstick tubesAutumn is my favourite season. Aside from the rain, I love it. The colour changing leaves and the crunch of them beneath your feet, the cooler temperatures, the opportunity to layer up more with check shirts and scarves and hoodies and being able to wear comfy boots. I love the fiery colours of red and orange and yellow as well as the deep purples and reds associated with this time of year. Lastly, it’s the season of Halloween. I am not a massive party-goer, nor am I particularly interested in dressing up in costumes, but I love the opportunity to watch horror movies and let’s face it, they’re not the same in the summer!

This post has quickly become about why I love autumn, so let’s get back on topic. Autumn often sees the introduction of purples and darker reds into not only our surroundings, but into our wardrobes and makeup. As a result, this post is based around my favourite lipsticks to wear during the autumn season.

autumn lipstickAll lipsticks in this post have been swatched in the image on the left in the order in which they will appear below. The photo at the top of this post also displays these lipsticks in their packaging in the same order.

I am going to start with my lightest lip product which is Tanya Burr’s Berry Picking Lip Gloss. Recently, Tanya’s cosmetics range has changed with improved packaging and an introduction of new products. Unfortunately, I do not yet have any of the beautiful new products, but nevertheless, I have been enjoying this lip gloss lately. I used to always hate lip glosses (and to an extent still do), but as a subscriber of Tanya’s I decided to try her lip glosses and I really like them. They have a lovely smell and formula, sticky, but not too sticky as they apply well and are comfortable on the lips, also there’s a wide range of shades. I do not really know how to describe this shade other than the word berry, however it is lighter and more pink on the lips than you would expect from the tube.

My second autumnal lipstick is the Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Mattes lipstick in Divine Wine. This is a dark red lipstick and this is currently one of my favourite red lipsticks (and I have a lot). The darkness makes it more appropriate for the autumn months since it’s getting darker. It has lovely packaging and the formula is creamy like it says and long lasting. Also, it has a nice scent (you have all probably grasped by now the importance of scent to me when picking a lipstick).

My next two lipsticks are a little similar. First up is the Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in 107. This is one of my all time favourites and most used lipsticks I actually tend to wear all year round. It is a rather purple lipstick with a red undertone. Because this is a matte lipstick it can be a little drying, but I’ve never found this to be a problem. I also find this lipstick to be incredibly long lasting. The longest I’ve been wearing it is seventeen hours, it lasted from five in the morning to ten at night, a long time to be wearing lipstick, but it was a long day out and I didn’t have to touch it up once.

The similar lipstick is also by Rimmel, it is their Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick in 30. This is very alike to the previous lipstick, except it is darker and more purple, without the red undertone. I love this lipstick almost as much as the previous, except for the fact it isn’t a matte, so it doesn’t last as long. However, I do love the colour and both lipsticks smell lovely. I also find that I tend to get complimented a lot on my lipstick when I wear this particular shade so I suppose that boosts my opinion of it more.

My final lipstick favourite for autumn is a MAC lipstick in Smoked Purple. This is a very dark purple and MAC described it as a “deep eggplant purple”. The first time I wore this lipstick I was very surprised at how dark it came out, it looked rather gothic. As a result I think it’s a good choice this season for the upcoming celebration of Halloween. This is also a matte lipstick which doesn’t help with how harsh the colour is. However, I do love a dark lipstick and I also enjoy wearing a bright pink lipstick over the top to soften the colour of it and it also makes it match perfectly the colour of one of my shirts. One problem I do face with this lipstick is applying it, but if you have a lip brush this isn’t a big issue. Also, since it is matte, it is pretty drying, so I always put on a lip balm underneath.

autumn lipstick bottomWhat are your favourite lipsticks for the autumnal months? Or what are your opinions on the lipsticks I’ve mentioned above?


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