Gradient Nail Art.

Nail Art Wednesdays Gradient“Gradient: The rate at which a physical quantity, such as temperature or pressure, changes in response to changes in a given variable, especially distance.”

Several months ago I tried my hand at gradient nails for the first time. Since then I have been waiting for the opportunity to practice some more and the past week I have finally found time to do just that. As a result the theme for today’s Nail Art Wednesday is gradient nail art.

I don’t tend to change my nail polish much throughout the week, it all depends on how much I like what I’ve just created. This means that today’s post will only feature three different designs rather than the usual five.

Gradient in greenGradients can be done in a variety of ways and with a variety of colours and for my first time I decided to play it safe by using shades of the same colour, green, and only two of them, though depending on the length of your nails you can use as many colours as you want.

To create this design I used a cosmetic sponge in order to blend the two colours together in the middle of the nail and the nail polishes I used are Key Lime and Green Berry, both by Barry M.

From all my practice recently, I have noticed that gradient nail art works particularly well with Barry M nail polishes, so I have tried to use them when possible.

Gradient blue to purpleAlso, Maybelline’s Color Show nail polishes are quite good to use as the lightest shade since you can paint the whole nail in that colour before working on creating the gradient effect.

For this design I used Maybelline’s Color Show nail polish in Cool Blue, Barry M’s Blue Grape and Seventeen’s Gel Colour in Blackcurrant Bomb.

As you can see, some nails turned out better than others, but in my defence, I haven’t had much practice!

Gradient pink to yellow For this final nail gradient design I tried to mimic a sunset by blending a bright, corally pink, an orange and a yellow. These nails are probably my most successful gradients, though the lack of thumb is because I screwed that nail up (I’ve noticed that I am particularly bad at doing a nail gradient on my right thumbnail).

The nail polishes I used here were Maybelline Color Show in Electric Yellow and Barry M in the shades Mango and Passion Fruit.

Gradient sunsetLast night I decided to add a design onto the gradient to make it look like proper sunset nails. As a result, I grabbed my black striper and created a palm tree and a few birds soaring through the air.

I hope you enjoyed these gradient nails. I am thinking of doing some more for next week since I have a ton of cosmetic sponges!

Which design was your favourite?



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