Friday Favourites.

“When you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an Adventure is going to happen.” – A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh.

I don’t feel like there are a lot of thing I have been enjoying this week as I really have not done a lot. Nevertheless, I have come up with five different products. Let’s start with my most exciting item:

Friday Favourites 18.9.15My first favourite for this week are my brand new boots pictured to the right. These are the Tan Tartan Print Quilted Cuff Lace Up Ankle Boots from New Look priced at £29.99. I was browsing the New Look website Sunday night and fell in love with these and on Wednesday I bought them. Unfortunately, picking them up from the store was one of my few trips outside this week, so I haven’t been able to properly wear them except for around the house. These boots also come in two other colours which I am itching to buy, so hopefully I’ll be able to save up some money soon to buy another pair.

Maybelline Color TattooMy second favourite for this week are the much loved Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Eyeshadows, particularly in the shades On and On Bronze and Pink Gold, £4.99 each. There are also several other shades, some of which I own, but they didn’t grab my attention so much this week.

Maybelline Color Tattoo insideI am actually wearing these two shades together on my eyes today and blended them together to make a lovely rose gold.  While I don’t think these cream eyeshadows live up to twenty four hours, they still do last a long time and the lighter shades can also be used as a primer.

Another thing I like about these eyeshadows is that you can build up the intensity to exactly how you want it. Also, no matter how much you put on, you get a lot less fall out than you do from a lot of powder eyeshadows.

Eyes UncoveredMy third friday favourite is also eyeshadow related as it is the Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude Bronze. As I mentioned in my August Favourites, recently I had been using my Naked 2 palette a lot, so this was a lovely change to make me appreciate how good drugstore eyeshadows can be. This palette is only £3.99 and while it only has half the shades of the Naked palettes, the quality is very impressive for must less than half the price.

Eyes Uncovered insideThe other day I combined this eyeshadow with the previously mentioned cream eyeshadows by Maybelline and my eye make-up lasted all day. Even wearing just this eyeshadow with a tiny bit of concealer on my eyelid yesterday had minimal creasing by the end of the day. As a result I definitely recommend this eyeshadow palette of which there are two alternative palettes with slightly different shades.

My final two favourites now are food related, or more specifically, chocolate related.

muffin mixalways make cakes and such from scratch, so I felt a little cheated when my friend came over with a muffin mix. However, in her defence, we did make a coffee cake from scratch. This mix only made six muffins, so we also decided that we would make some more and this time it was all done ourselves. Honestly, I actually preferred the muffin mix, though I think a large part of this preference was the lack of chocolate in our muffins as my friend hadn’t brought any with her, only cocoa powder.

chips ahoyMy final favourite is a chocolate bar: Cadbury Dairy Milk Chips Ahoy. On Monday I had to have a blood test so my mum bought us a chocolate bar and this is one I had never seen before so we decided to try it. While I have to admit that I much prefer the Galaxy Cookie Crumble chocolate bar, this one by Cadbury is still very tasty and delicious and one I would buy again.

What have you been enjoying this week?



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