Nail Polish Collection.

“…there were two kinds of women: those who wear nail polish and those who don’t. Which do you prefer?…” – Regina Brett.

Today for Nail Art Wednesday I am going to take a little break from nail designs and show you everything I use in order to create them all. Long gone are the days when all of my nail supplies would easily fit into one box, now I have two, so expect to see a lot of nail polish.

Box 1Every year at Christmas Estée Lauder release a gift set and each year the box it comes in changes. My dad used to always buy one for my mum, so we have a few of the boxes, two of which my mum gave me to use for my nail polish.

This first box mostly holds nail tools and accessories rather than nail polish, though there are a few bottles which I couldn’t cram into the other box. Let’s peek inside:

Box 1 inside


Rio Professional Nail PolishHere we have dotting tools, gems, fruit slices, cotton wool pads, nail files, brushes, glitter, printing equipment and, of course, nail polish. The majority of the nail tools in this box originate from the Rio Ultimate Nail Art Professional Artist Collection. You get a lot of stuff in this kit for only £29.99 and it’s good quality too. I don’t use the nail polishes provided much, but I like the printing plates and gems and I get a lot of use out of the dotting tools.

The nail polish included in this collection are pictured on the left. Here we have a red, green, white and silver. Together they all look quite Christmassy, so the whole collection would make a perfect Christmas gift for any nail art lover; that’s how I got mine!

Now I didn’t want to bombard you all with thirty six photos of each individual nail polish just in this box, so I grouped them together and put them into a collage:

Box 1 collage

In this box we have the nail polishes I don’t actually use that much so there are a few random nail polishes as well as small groups of nail polishes. The larger selections are all ones I received as Christmas presents at sometime or another, for example, the Umberto Giannini nail polish in the bottom right and the Red Herring nail polishes below.

Red Herring nail polishDue to my infrequent use of these nail polishes, it is difficult to talk about the quality. The Sally Hansen nail polishes are brilliant, I only ever use a Sally Hansen top and base coat, but the Red Herring nail polishes I don’t have much to say on.

I really like the Orly nail polishes; however, the only ones I have are glitter, so they are very thin. As a result, I cannot speak for Orly as a whole.

The top middle nail polishes in the collage are by Collection (used to be Collection 2000). I remember really enjoying these when everybody was getting into the crackle nail polish! I haven’t used these in two years, but writing about them now is making me want to use them again.

For nail polish, Revlon are not the first brand I would turn to, but their nail polishes are not actually that bad. The polishes in the bottom left of the collage are by Revlon and the one of the very left I used quite recently for my Back To School Nails. The other two nail polishes I like and am running low on, but they are very Christmassy due to the sparkles, so I end up using them yearly.

Box 2Box number two has much more nail polish. Also, please excuse the dust on the tops of these boxes as they live under my bed, an area prone to dust.

This box is the most recent Estée Lauder gift box from Christmas 2014. This was a very good purchase because half the things in the box my mum wanted and the other half I wanted. It’s always good to have different taste to those around you for this reason.

Box 2 inside

Inside this box we have sixty six nail polishes bringing me to a total of one hundred and two nail polishes. Wow, that’s quite a lot. Believe it or not, but I don’t actually buy a lot of nail polish any more; the majority has been accumulated over the years from birthdays, Christmases and from when I had a proper nail polish addiction. Last year I spent the summer holidays walking to Boots roughly three times a week and almost every single time I would come home with a new nail polish.

Box 2 collage part 1

In this box, we have some of my most used nail polishes including the Maybelline Color Show nail polishes which you can see I have in many shades. I love these nail polishes because of the diverse colour range including glitters. Furthermore, the brush isn’t too big, nor is it too small and the polish itself lasts better than a lot of other drugstore nail polishes.

The Seventeen nail polishes are not my favourite, I only have so many because they were a Christmas present. However, the Seventeen Gel Colour polishes, I do like. This is because they apply easily, despite the rather big brush, the colours are lovely and they last a very long time.

Bourjois La LaqueSurprisingly, I only have one Essie nail polish. This is in the shade “fall in line” and I love it, especially for this time of year as it looks like a very autumnal kind of green. I love the Essie nail polishes and really want to buy a whole lot more; however they are a little more expensive. Furthermore, I can never decide on which shade I want due to the large quantity of them.

An extra couple of nail polishes I couldn’t fit into the above collage are these by Bourjois in their very unique packaging which I love; I need to purchase another two still in order to complete the circle. I love these nail polishes, the colours are gorgeous and I actually spoke about them last month in my August Favourites.

Barry M nail polish

There are another two lots of nail polishes missing from the collage above and this is because these are my most used nail polishes. Firstly, we have Barry M. I love the Barry M nail polishes a lot. The colours are gorgeous, the brush is brilliant, the packaging is great (I like square bottles rather than rounded ones) and they come in lots of different finishes, such as matte and glitter. As a result of this, I have a lot. These polishes are also very cheap and have individual names which are always entertaining, I especially love how each collection seems to have a different theme.

Rio Professional Nail Art Kits

The second lot of nail polishes missing are my Rio Professional Nail Art Kit nail polishes from a couple of the different kits.

These stripers and dotting tools are brilliant and I use them about 90% of the time when painting my nails. There are so many different colours and you can do so much with them. I know I mention these in every single nail art post I create, but I definitely recommend them to anyone interested in nail art because it saves you cleaning brushes and dotting tools every time you use them. This also makes them convenient for when you are not at home and want to do nail art.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and seeing my nail polish (and tool) collection.

What are your favourite nail polishes?



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